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There's no magic in brewing coffee in a vac pot (unless you count the visual effects), but it is a bit different from more conventional methods, like drip, or press pot.

Most importantly, many vac pots are made of glass, and if you're careless, that glass can easily break due to thermal stress. Believe me, I've killed a few of these!
If you're using a glass vac pot on an alcohol stove, then whatever you do, NEVER let the flame get above the waterline. And NEVER let your vac pot boil dry!

These are basic, but important precautions for using a vac pot safely. To get the best coffee out of your vac pot, there are a couple of other things you have to be aware of; how coarse (or how fine) to grind, how long to steep the coffee, and which coffee works best in vac pots. Click on the links on the left for more...

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