Coffee Books


Here are a few suggestions for reading and learning more about coffee.

Recommended reading:
Ken Davids, "Home Coffee Roasting...", ISBN: 0312312199
Quick start guide to coffee, its history, how it's grown, processed & roasted. And, of course, how everyone can roast coffee at home. It's dead easy & it tastes great! New revised & updated edition 2003.
Ted Lingle, "The basics of brewing coffee", ISBN: 188255032
Ian Bersten, "Coffee floats, tea sinks", ISBN: 0646091808
Exhaustive explanations of coffee brewing & the history of coffee makers
Mark Pendergrast, "Uncommon grounds", ISBN: 0465054676
William Ukers, "All about coffee"

Starters and light stuff:
Kevin Sinnott, "Great Coffee...", ISBN: 0882708414
Riccardo and Francesco Illy, "The Book of Coffee: A Gourmet's Guide", ISBN: 1558593217
Difficult to find & probably out of print, but both a good introduction to coffee growing & processing, as well as a beautiful addition to the coffee table - lots of very nice full colour pictures
Jon Thorn, "The coffee companion", ISBN: 1561385220
Ken Davids, "Coffee, a guide to...", ISBN: 1564265552
Claudia Roden, "Coffee", ISBN: 0140464891

More about coffee makers (historical):
Ambrogio Fumagalli, "Macchine da caffé/Coffee makers", ISBN: 8871430999
Edward & Joan Bramah, "Coffee Makers: 300 Years of Art and Design", ISBN: 1870948335

For die-hards:
Luigi Odello (ed.), "L'assaggio dell'espresso/Espresso tasting" (no ISBN, AFAIK)
Interesting book on evaluating espresso for various purposes
Ted Lingle, "The basics of cupping coffee" (no ISBN)
Basically an (almost) exhaustive glossary of coffee cupping terms
Andrea Illy, and R. Viani, "Espresso Coffee : The Chemistry of Quality", ISBN: 012370670X
New edition (ISBN: 0123703719) available! Read more on the Elsevier site


(Books I don't have, but definitely desire)
Ivon Flament, "Coffee Flavor Chemistry", ISBN: 0471720380
Gregory Dicum, Nina Luttinger, "The Coffee Book: Anatomy of an Industry...", ISBN: 1565845080
Philippe Jobin, Coffees Produced Through Out the World, (ISBN: ???)
Now available on CD-Rom at: Ongebrand (NL)
David C. Schomer, "Espresso Coffee: Professional Techniques", ISBN: 0897166159
Kenneth Davids, "Espresso : Ultimate Coffee", ISBN: 0312246668

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