CREMA meeting!

Saturday, April 20th, 2002:

First meeting of CREMA ever !!


We're organising the first ever meeting of CREMA ("Coffee Roasters Enjoy Meeting Alties") & this is your invitation for that event. It'll be a low-key, informal meeting of coffee enthusiasts with lots of time for chatting, hands-on experience, there'll be interesting stuff to see & learn & of course, there's plenty of time to get the answers to all those questions you've been dying to ask.

As you may have gathered from our little groups acronym, the main theme of this great event is roasting coffee; more specifically roasting your own. If you never tried this before, here's your chance to learn all about it. Ivo will be tell you everything you've always wanted to know about top-notch beans - the different coffee varieties & regions, growing conditions, etc. Of course, we'll also chat about the roasting process itself, the machines that do the trick & how you can roast coffee at home. We'll have several different home coffee roasting machines (Hearthware, Alpenrost, Hottop) lined up & running throughout the day, so you can see (& smell!) what the deal is.

Apart from that, there'll be an in-depth lecture about professional espresso machines & how these work. We'll have experts discussing the machine & the specific parts in it. Also, an experienced barista will explain how to put the machine to best use, to produce espresso & cappuccino the true Italian way.
Of course, apart from showing you how it's actually made, you get to sample the results!

Naturally, there'll also be various other coffee machines (drip brewers, vac pots, moka pots & more) brewing up the fresh roasted coffee, to keep us from developing a caffeine deficiency...


The CREMA meeting is scheduled for Saturday, April 20th, 2002 - so jot that date down in your agenda (organiser/PDA/wotever)! We'll be starting at about 13:00, but it's no problem if you arrive earlier; there'll be enough to see & do.


Currently planned location is at Ivo van der Putten's home in Lieren, near Apeldoorn - the most beautiful village of the Netherlands (well, says Ivo...). Apeldoorn can easily be reached by train &, if needed, we can arrange to pick you up from the station.


For us, it's simply because we like to meet others with the same enthusiasm for coffee as we have. If you share that passion for The Bean, want to meet fellow coffee lovers, learn more about coffee, chat about all sorts of stuff, this is gonna be a great day for you.

Hey, if you're smart, you'll plan this as part of a short holiday trip. Take a few days off, drive or fly down here, tour the country, check out the museums to see some of the great Dutch painters & join us at the CREMA meeting on Saturday. Now there's a perfect opportunity for a cool vacation!


You, of course!

Naturally, you're also more than welcome to bring your SO, your friends & anyone else who wants to join us. It'll be an utter bore if we'll be the only ones attending this event! So, see how date & place fit in your agenda & let us know if you'll be coming. Write us at one of the following addresses:

Ronald A. Lever
Ivo van der Putten

Oh & don't hesitate to drop us a line, if you have any questions regarding the CREMA meeting!

For updates on the event, do check out Ivo's site: Ongebrand


If we can help it - none at all!

This is a non-commercial event - we're in it for the fun, not for the money & if possible, this will be a totally free event.
We already have a location, plenty of coffee & cooler coffee gear than you've ever seen! We're hoping you'll all show up (the more the merrier!), but if the numbers exceed our expectations, we may have to arrange a larger accomodation.
Of course, we don't want to go broke ourselves & depending on the number of visitors, we may ask for a small contribution to cover our expenses. Don't let this scare you though - it'll definitely be worth it.

Curious? Want to know more? Ask!