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Vac pots
Vac pots
Reneka Techno
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Krups T-8
Krups T8
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Welcome to my corner of the 'net! If you're into coffee, here's a bit info for you.

* First of all, the Links section, a.k.a. the "Coffee Directory", has been updated again (Oktober 10, 2011). It's still the most popular page on this site, and that's hardly surprising; with over 2200 links for you, this is likely the largest collections of pointers available on the web. So check out the "Coffee Directory".

* This website also has a few pages dedicated to one of my fave coffee makers: vac pots. Not a clue what I'm talking about? Want one, but dunno where to look? Have one, but not sure how to use it? Give the vac pot pages a read, I hope it will help.

* Next, if you're interested a really good, and very decently priced high-end espresso machine, check out my Reneka Techno review.
I've used this machine for over two years now, and still love it. I've tried quite a few others in the same price-range, but as far as I'm concerned the Reneka Techno is the best buy currently on the market.

* There's another beautiful espresso machine in my apartment too, it's an ancient Olympia Express Club, and it's in dire need of repair.
It's taken a while to get it back into shape, but it's working perfectly well again, and making excellent espresso. Here's some info for you about the company and the machines, and a few pictures showing what it looked like before the repair. You can find more recent pix at my photo account.

* Lastly, you may be interested in my review of another "new oldie". Well, it's "new" for the US, anyway. It's the Krups T-8, or "Krups Moka Brew", as it's called in the US. It's not a Moka Brewer, and not an Auto-drip machine. If you want to know what it is, check out my (*very*) long review of this machine.

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