Civilian Trackers
This Firecat of the French Securite Civile is the last radial-engined aircraft. The picture was taken at Marseille-Marignane the homebase of the Securite Civile aircraft. Photo: Arjen Sleeuwenhoek.
Here a Turbo-engined example. Photo: Arjen Sleeuwenhoek.
This Firecat was seen at Paris-Orly. The aircraft was turned into a Turbocat in 1987. Photo: Arjen Sleeuwenhoek.
Here another Securite Civile Firecat. This example shows the Canadian registration C-GHPU. The firecat was delivered to France in 1990. Unfortunately the aircraft crashed august 25th 1996, as F-ZBFO/16. Photo: Arjen Sleeuwenhoek.
A firefighting Stoof N404DF/80 (buno 136399) with yellow/orange colourscheme. Photo: Arjen Sleeuwenhoek.
The N426DF/180 (buno 136613) was one of the first Turbo-Trackers in CDF service. The aircraft was seen withdrawn from us at Phoenix-Mesa-Falcon Field AZ, mid 2000. Photo: Arjen Sleeuwenhoek.
This Tracker was seen at Wassila (AK) on 28 June 2000. The aircraft in fact is a US-2A (buno 144725) and is civil marked as N104CF/CC. Peter Heeneman took the picture.
The California Department of Forestry is a major user of the Tracker for the fire-fighting role. This picture was taken at Hemet Valley, May 2000.
Another fire fighter at the same air-attack base.
N406DF is a TS-2A of the California Department of Forestry. The photo was taken at Hemet Valley in 1990. Photo: Peter Heeneman.
N427DF/70 is one of the first Turbo-Trackers in CDF service. The aircraft was seen at Ramona, May 2000.
Another TS-2A of CDF, N405DF at Hemet Valley. Kenneth Miller, Park Ranger in the San Francisco Bay area, have been honored to have a CDF S2 drop retardent on him and told us that he have heard that the green colour referred to as "gatorade green" in reference to a popular sports drink in the US. The colors on the pictures are the old colors before going to the current white and red. Photo: Peter Heeneman.
A great looking fomer Canadian CS-2F of Conair with registration number C-FOPU at Abbotsford in 1998. Photo: Peter Heeneman.
We received some Canadian CS-2F pictures from Mr. J.B. Rutherford. He flew Trackers when he was stationed at Shearwater, Nova Scotia. Now he lives at Kamloops, also an airtanker base where Mr Rutherfords took this pictures.
The Turbo Firecats of the French Securite Civile were rebuilt by Conair. This is F-ZBFI with code 18 on the platform of Schiphol Airport.
The French Securite Civile still operates some original S-2s, like the F-ZBAU with code T-2.
A piston engined S-2 of the Securite Civile shows where it's all about.
A piston engined S-2 of the Securite Civile flying in a formation with a Turbocat. Photo: Damian Allard