Details for plastic modeling
Weapons bay detail. Photo: Ed Barthelmes.
Three detailpictures of the MLD S-2N (160), preserved at the MLM museum, Kamp Zeist. Photos: Eric van Heeswijk.
Close-up of the cockpitsection.
Close-up of the starboard wingfolding system.
Tailsection close-up.
Close-up of the wing foldingsystem and nacelle. Photo: Bob Hester
Photo: Bob Hester
Another nose section close-up. This is a S-2 serving for the California Department of Forestry.
Cockpit close-up of the US-2B at Topeka Kansas. Photo: Terry McGinnis.
Side-view of the tail. Photo: Terry McGinnis.
Detailshot of the engine. Photo: Terry McGinnis.
Detailshot of a Conair Firecat engine. Photo: J.B. Rutherford.
Detail of the nose section. Photo: Terry McGinnis.
Nose section and port-side engine of a VS-35 Stoof during maintenance. Photo: Terry McGinnis.
Squadronmarkings on a VS-35 and VS-37 tail. Photo: Terry McGinnis.
Rearview of a Canadian Navy CS-2F-1 Tracker. Photo: Denis Garand via Robert St-Pierre.
This is a S-2E model in VS-22 markings. Photo: David Bacon.
This picture of a MLD S-2A model shows the result of many hours working. Photo: Fred Menge.
A 1/72 scale model in Italian Air Force colours. The model is made by Salvatore Pascolini.
Not enough money to fly a real Stoof? Try this radio controlled model. Photo: via Terry McGinnis.
The coverpage of the NATOPS flightmanual for S-2D/E models. Image: Terry McGinnis.
The pilots checklist manual. Image: Terry McGinnis.
Pilot panel for the S-2D. To get a large image (181Kb) Mail usCo-pilot panel for the S-2D. Larger image (198Kb) Mail us. Image: Terry McGinnis.
Pilot panel for the S-2E. To get a larger image (211Kb) Mail-usCo-pilot panel for the S-2E. Larger image (188Kb) Mail us. Image: Terry McGinnis.
Cockpit close-up from the pilotseat. Photo: Dexter Francis
Another cockpit close-up. This time from the co-pilot seat. Photo: Dexter Francis
The isle-console between both front-seats. Photo: Dexter Francis
The overhead-instrumentpanel with throttles, flapselectors and engine instruments. Photo: Dexter Francis
ASW operator station 3 with main search radarscope. Photo: Dexter Francis
Station 4. The plotting tape printer has been removed (we believe). Photo: Dexter Francis
Yes, this is a Tracker cockpit. A close-up from the pilot seat of a S-2T. Photo: Dexter Francis
The center-section of the instrumentpanel. Photo: Dexter Francis
View of the lower-section. Photo: Dexter Francis