Força Aérea Brasileira
An S-2E (P-16E) of GAE 1/1 is starting up its engines on the platform of Santa Cruz airbase near Rio de Janeiro. The photo was taken in July 1995. One year later the Brazilian Trackers were grounded and retired.
This S-2E is seen landing on the NAeL Minas Gerais. Photo: Brazilian Navy.
One S-2E was converted to Turbo Tracker. Although the flight crews liked the better performances of the P-16H, the program was cancelled. Photo: Luís Martini Thiesen.
This S-2E is preseved in the museum at Afonsos near Rio de Janeiro. Photo: Unknown
This particular Tracker (7034) was the last Stoof catapulted from the Minas Gerais at 9 October 1996.