Armada Uruguaya
The S-2s of the Armada Uruguaya are in perfect condition. The Trackers are not withdrawn from use, but in open storage at Laguna del Sauces navy air base, awaiting their destiny.
Three S-2s were on the platform in November 1996: 2 S-2Gs and 1 S-2A in slightly different paint scheme.
Directy behind this Tracker you see the Laguna del Sauces. Once the Armada Uruguaya had amphibian aircraft (like Catalinas) that could take-off from the lake.
The vulnerable parts of the wing are protected by plastic covers. One more S-2G was stored inside a hangar.
This S-2A is preserved near the entrance of the airbase.
The 853 (buno 133262) is a S-2A without its AN/APA-69 ECM Antenna. Photo: Uruguay Navy.
This is a S-2G (buno 152376) and probably the last flying example in Uruguay. Photo: Uruguay Navy.