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CVSG-57 Reunion 2005

Welcome to the first website dedicated to the Grumman S-2 Tracker, one of my favourite
aircraft! The days of the real Trackers, those with the original Cyclone piston engines, are
numbered. Only a few air forces still depend on the S-2. Although I was born too late to see
much Trackers, I still was lucky enough to visit various air forces and navies that flew or still
fly Trackers. And fortunately lots of people in this world try to keep Trackers in the air, an initiative that deserves our support!
Everything on this website may be taken for private use. Please mention the source when
taking over information and/or photos.

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"Last Stoofs at sea!!!!"

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In de Nederlandse taal

This site was established
20 September 1999

Latest update
15 November 2003

Created by:

Jan Willem

"The roar of the radials"
6 seconds, 146 K
Click on the Cyclone to hear
a Tracker land on a carrier!

Click on the Tracker to see the launch of a S-2T (file recorded by Rob Schleiffert)