Japan Maritime Self Defence Force
Only two Trackers are preserved in Japan. One example is present at JMSDF Tokushima. Photo: Arien Meier
Photo: Takafumi Hiroe
A S-2F-U of 61 Hikotai based at Atsugi. Photo: Takafumi Hiroe
A S-2F-C of 31 Hikotai based at Iwakuni and photographed at Atsugi. Photo: Takafumi Hiroe
A S-2F (4154, 14 Hikotai) somewhere in Japan. Photo: Unknown.
This picture, of the S-2F 4118 11 Hikotai (buno: 136737), was taken at Hamamatsu on 14 November 1982. Photo: Ken Fujii
The 4118 (buno: 136670) with 11 Hikotai markings somewhere over the waters around Japan. Photo: JMSDF via Ken Fujii
The picture of this S-2F (4159) was taken before the Stoof was rebuild to a S-2F-U between 1970-1971. The new serial became 9152. Photo: JMSDF via Ken Fujii
Four two S-2F were converted to S-2F-U. The Trackers belonged to 61Sq. Photo: Takafumi Hiroe
Japan converted two S-2F to S-2F-C for utility tasks. Photo: Takafumi Hiroe
Takafumi Hiroe took this picture on 9 may 1977. The Tracker belonged to 31Sq.
This S-2F was withdrawn from use at Atsugi on November 1976. Photo: Takafumi Hiroe
This S-2F belonged to 11Sq and has BuNo 136674. Photo: Takafumi Hiroe
S-2A with 12Sq markings. Photo: Masaaki Hayakawa.
This Stoof has the markings of 13Sq. Its Buno is 136740. Photo: Masaaki Hayakawa.
The 4158 (Buno 144718) belonged to 204 Sq when this picture was taken on 26 June 1969. Photo: Masaaki Hayakawa.
The 51th Test Sqn had some Stoofs like this 4159 (Buno 144719). Photo: Masaaki Hayakawa.
This S-2F is preserved at the large JMSDF museum at Kanoya naval air station in the south of the southern island Kyushu.
Many Japanese S-2s returned to the USA after the Japanese Maritime Self Defence Force withdrew them from use. These Trackers are in storage at Hemet Valley in Arizona. Photo: Marc van Portengen.
More Japanese S-2s at Hemet Valley (1990). Photo: Peter Heeneman.