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Trackers on the web
S-2 Tracker Website

Clark Cook is a Stoof lover aswell and created a website about his favourite aircraft.
The "Iron Lady"

David D. Jackson is the owner of this beautiful Tracker. The S-2 is painted in VS-30 colours.
Flying Tracker 1

The Cavanaugh Flight Museum still flies with a US-2B.
Flying Tracker 2

The Collings Foundation of Stow, Massachusetts, is the owner of the 133242. It is currently in a hangar at Hobby Airport in Houston, Texas undergoing restoration to flying condition; it's in very good condition and is complete but still needs quite a bit of work to be done.
RAN Historical flight

The only flying S-2 left in Australia belongs to the RAN Historical Flight. She is a regular guest at air shows.
Museum, Canada

The Toronto Aerospace Museum in Canada has this Tracker on display
National Museum of Naval Aviation

The NMNA in Pensacola has a S-2E, C-1A and E-1B on show.
French Firefighters

To learn about more about the S-2 as French Firefighter, you should visit this site. It is unfortunately in French language only.

This site displays the history of VJ-1/VU-1/VC-1. Lots of pictures, articles and nice stories.

Some pictures of VS-23 Trackers during the CV-10 Yorktown deployment.

This site will give you some information about the Trackers of VS-34.

Bill Howell is the plank owner of VS-42, probably the shortest lived Anti Submarine Squadron in the USN.

Information and pictures about USN Reserve squadron 721
Brazilian Trackers

Lots of information about the Trackers in service of the Força Aerea Brasileira
Tracker Details

The 147535 is a unique ES-2D and now located at Queen City AP, Allentown. Here a detailed report of her current status.
Tracker Details

Lots of detail pictures of a US-2N Tracker. This bird was one of the last examples in the Dutch Navy inventory.
Japanese and US Navy Trackers

Go! Navy: Lots of pictures of JMSDF and US Navy Trackers. Also a lot of pictures of visited navalfighter in Japan
Flying Trader (1)

The Delaware Valley Historical Aircraft Association owns an airworthy C-1 Trader.
Flying Trader (2)

Mr Doug Goss and Mr Richard Cronn owns a magnificent airworthy C-1 Trader. This plane is the flagship of EAA Warbirds of America.
C-1 Trader (1)

This is a link to the VRC-50 website. It contains info about the US Navy COD Squadron C-1 Traders.
C-1 Trader (2)

Some photos of the C-1 "Mailman of the fleet".


great aircraft
A-3 Skywarrior

A-3 Skywarrior Association
A-4 Skyhawk

The Skyhawk Association
F-8 Crusader

Website about the F-8 Crusader, stories, pictures and goodies
P-2 Neptune

The best website about P-2s
P-3 Orion

The most informative website about P-3s


interesting sites
VP Navy

Nevins A. Frankel is doing a great job. His site contains loads of information about VP-squadrons all over the world. If you like VP-aircraft you must see this site!
Stichting Valkenburgse Vliegtuig Spotters

This site, maintained by Rob Schleiffert, contains lots of facts and pictures about military aviation and Dutch Naval Aviation in the past and present.You cannot only see the Lockheed Neptunes but also hear them!
Argentine Navy

Great site about the Argentine Navy maintained by Santiago L. Aversa and Jorge Nunez Padin.
French Fleet Air Arm

Lots of information and pictures of the "Aéronautique Navale"
Blue Jacket

Information, images and old shipmates. This site, maintained by Gene Oleson, gives you the piece of information you are looking for.

Information for and from spotters

Do you have an interesting site? Please let us know!