Private Stoofs
The 136404 is flying again!!. After it's eight months overhaul the airplane is in the air show circuit again. Photo: Bob Fryer.
There the US-2B of Old Dominion Squadron, Commemorative Air Force returned from its first testflight. Photo: Bob Fryer.
This great looking US-2B, 136404, with VC-2 markings (N5234A) is still flying. The owner of this Stoof was Mr. Glen A Thomson but he donated the Tracker to the the Old Dominion Squadron of the Commemorative Air Force.
The plane was ferried from Texas to Franklin,VA for restoration by the members of ODS. It is presently in the hanger at Decosta Avation Services. They hope to have the annual inspection and some other various repairs done and the plane flying on the east coast airshow cuircut sometime in June - July this year. Thanks to Dennis Millard for this information.
Mr. van Vossen was the owner of this US-2B untill August 2000. The bureaunumer of this a/c is 136691 (N36AM) and the colourscheme of Naval Air Facility Washington. Unfortunately this Stoof, is not airworthy at this moment. This picture was taken at Shafter Airport (CA) in May 2000. The USS Hornet Museum in Alameda is now the new owner of this Stoof. The Stoof was transferred to Alameda by the end of August 2000.
Terry Erickson (Asst. Engineer USS Hornet Museum) sent us some pictures about the journey of the 136691 from Shafter Airport to Alameda. Here arriving at USS Hornet (note the ship's deck in the background) Pier 3 Alameda Point.
Coming aboard the USS Hornet's Flightdeck.
On Hornet's forward elevator. Just arrived back on a real flight deck for the first time in many years. A group of volunteers will restore the Stoof. Terry Erickson will send more pictures when they get the hydraulic system charged and can unfold the wings.
the US-2B being cleaned outside the hangardeck of the USS Hornet. Photo: Erick McCarthy.
This US-2B van purchased by the Museum of Wing and Things, Anderson (Central Indiana) in 1996. By July 2000 the Iron Lady was purchased by David D. Jackson and still based at Anderson. Photo: David Jackson
Photo: David Jackson
The Tracker has the colors of VS-30, the first operator of the 136427. Photo: David Jackson
Photo: David Jackson