Royal Australian Navy
A Tracker catching a wire onboard the HMAS Melbourne somewhere in 1971. (Photo: Peter Cleaver)
Here Trackers and two Wessex plane guards on the flightdeck of the HMAS Melbourne, somewhere in port. (Photo: Peter Cleaver)
Busy operations at the HMAS Melbourne. A few A-4 Skyhawk on the left side, in front of the island and three Stoof waiting to start-up. A Wessex plane-guard is still sitting on the deck while a (USN) Sea King is looking for a free spot on the deck. (Photo: Peter Cleaver)
A Tracker tied down the deck of the HMAS Melbourne while deckcrew prepare for the launch. (Photo: Unknown)
The 840 here seen aboard the HMAS Melbourne during a portvisit to Rotterdam in 1977. (Photo: Arjen Sleeuwenhoek)
The 848 and 847 about to launch from the HMAS Melbourne. The wessex at the background act as a plane-guard (Photo: via Terry McGinnis)
The 847 on the cat. (Photo: Peter Cleaver)
The 841 photographed somewhere at an airshow (Photo: via Leon Wohlert)
This photo was taken 8th March 1984 just before the cessation of RAN Tracker operations. The lead aircraft was flown by LCDR Richard Scott, the 2nd aircraft by SBLT Graeme Hawkins and the 3rd aircraft by SBLT Andrew Davis. (Photo: via LCDR Graeme Hawkins)
An unusual picture of the same formation. (Photo: via LCDR Graeme Hawkins)
We received some really nice shots of "Tiger 44" from LCDR Graeme Hawkins, OIC RAN Historic Flight.
You can almost hear the rumbling sound of the radials. Photo: LCDR Graeme Hawkins.
A series of nice photos of the S-2G still operated by the RAN Historical Flight. Photo: Wilco van Dam
Photo: Wilco van Dam
Photo: Wilco van Dam
Photo: Wilco van Dam
Photo: Wilco van Dam
A S-2G in RAN service with VC851 markings. VC851 was the training squadron and always based at Nowra, although it occasionally sent detachments to conduct surveillance operations in various parts of Australia. Their motto was 'Be Forthright' and they used the callsign 'Phoenix' after the hangar fire in 1976.
The crew of VS-816 (1972) in front of one of their aircrafts. Photo: Peter Cleaver via Terry McGinnis