Republic of China air Force
Good old times. A couple of S-2Es on a flightline somewhere in Taiwan, note the C119 on the left. Photo: Michel (F-4 Phantom website)
Here a S-2T somewhere in Taiwan. The bureaunumbers of the S-2Ts are a mistery. The local identity is 2202. Photo: Michel (F-4 Phantom website)
The 152844 was delivered to the Republic of China as a S-2E and now rebuild to a S-2 Turbo Tracker. Photo: via Ken Fujii
A S-2T Tracker parked in a sunshelter at Pintung AB. The RoCAF is still operating two Tracker squadrons. Note the four blade propellor, most Turbo-Trackers has six blade props and the FLIR beneath the fuselage. Photo: Ryan Kuo
At the Chung Cheng Aviation Museum an original S-2A can be viewed. The museum is just outside the international airport of the state capital Taipeh.