Republic of Korea Navy/Airforce
Another picture (see below) of the 149264 before delivery to South-Korea. Photo: Michel (F-4 Phantom website).
One of the Trackers preserved in South-Korea is this example at the Korean War Memorial, Seoul. The picture was taken on 25th of October 1998. Photo: Henk Ruiken.
The 149264 prior the delivery to South-Korea. The picture was probably taken at NAS Patuxent River (note the test P-3 Orion in the background). Photo: via Leon Wohlert.
Some S-2A operated by the South Korea Air Force, their tasks where unknown. This Stoof was photographed at Atsugi (Japan) in 1971 or 1972. Note the removed MAD-boom. Photo: Masaaki Hayakawa
Another picture of the same aircraft. The ROK Air Force colourscheme is Gloss Gull Gray upperfaces and Gloss Black underfaces. Masaaki Hayakawa