Stoof Art

Under a colourful sunrise, a Grumman Tracker snarls her way off the deck of HMAS Melbourne and retracts here gear as she leaves the flight deck. This attractive reproduction an excellent reminder of the superlative carrier skills now lost to aviation. To put this machine down on Melbourne’s tiny deck with only a two metres to spare past the “island”, in dirty weather when the deck is heaving dangerously, is a skill developed only by the finest of aviators. Tracker, side No.845 shown in the painting still flies with the Royal Australian Navy Historic flight. Painting: David Marshall
A new painting made by Mike Ray. Image: via Terry McGinnis.
Mike Ray was a Stoof pilot during the Vietnam War. He lost some friends in an incident and depicted their aircraft in a print. To read more about the Tracker missions from the USS Hornet during the Vietnam War, take a look at the Stories-section Click here!. To contact Mike Ray for this print, visit his website Click here!
Oil-painting made by Don Feight. For more information about this piece of art, take a look at his site. Click here!
The hunter and his prey. Canadian Tracker with a sub-marine. See for more details the site of John Rutherford. Click here!
Another nice painting made by John Rutherford
A limited edition of artist proof prints are still available. For inquiries contact the artist Click here!
A profile print of a CS-2F with VU-32 markings. This print was made by Walt Drohan. More information how to get this print or about other Canadian aircrafts visit his site Click here!
Rudy Preus is specializing in three-dimensional Stained Glass aircrafts. For more information visit his site Click here!