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Stoof Stuff
In the Tracker community it is well know that "Stoof Stuff" like books, model kits etcetera is numbered. We are trying to collect all these goodies and find out what is still for sale and what is a collectors item.

STOOF DRIVER: flying the Grumman S2 Tracker. Mike Ray (former VS-35 pilot) put together a lot of pictures and experiences. This book will bring you back in the world of flying the Stoof aboard the USS Hornet from 1964 untill 1967. Mike sent us a copy and we were very surprised. The book contains 230 colour pages and has a hardcover. Visit the website of Mike Ray.
Museo de la Aviacion Naval Instituto Aeronaval, Serie Aeronaval No.15. Jorge F. Nuņez Padin published a new book about the S-2 Tracker and Turbo Tracker in Argentine Navy service. We haven't seen the book yet but as Jorge said: As usual in the series, this booklet covers in depth the story of the Tracker into the Argentine Naval Aviation, plus chapters on wartime operations(South Atlantic War 1982),technical data on specific models used in Argentina, complete fates for each aircraft as well colour and markings section. There is also an abstract in english. The price of this booklet is U$ 15.00 (including P&P). Visit his site and find out how to get a copy of this book, Click here!
S-2F Tracker in action. Jim Sullivan did a great job to collect much information about the Tracker, Trader and Tracer and put it in one book. It is published by Squadrons/Signal Publications, Inc, 1115 Crowley Drive, Carrollton, TX 75011-5010, U.S.A. in 1990. Fortunately this book is still available in The Netherlands and the U.S.A.(ISBN 0-89747-242-X).
Museo de la Aviacion Naval Instituto Aeronaval, Serie Aeronaval No.3. Jorge F. Nuņez Padin published a book about the S-2 Tracker in Argentine Navy service (Spanish). The book is currently out of print but a new release is launched (see top). Jorge published also about other planes in Argentine Navy service like the P-2 Neptune and the A-4 Skyhawk. Visit his site and find out how to get a copy, Click here!
Famous aircrafts of the world, No 67, 11 november 1975. Another book about the S-2F is published by Bunrindo Co Ltd, in Japanese and out of print!

Enthusiast Colour Series, Fire bombers in action by Barry D. Smith. A photofeature about aerial fire fighters like the S-2 and others types. Still available?


Air Enthusiast, No 59, September/October 1995, an article about Falkland Trackers and Neptunes.

Air Classics, Volume 32 Number 5, May 1996. An article about the Trackers history and it's destination as warbird.


Collect-Aire Models is producing a 1/48 scale S-2E Tracker! Collect-Aire Models specializes in hand-made high quality resin kits which include metal parts, custom decals and in some instances photo-etched/engraved parts. This is the only 1/48 scale model currently. Recently they also produce a 1/48 scale E-1B Tracer. Please visit the Collect-Aire Models website and find out how to get this model.
Hasegawa produced this excellent 1/72 scale kit. This kit is still available.
Hobbycraft is still producing this 1/72 scale kit. This S-2F Tracker (USN) is molded in plastic and decals are included. David Bacon has some experience with this kit: "I have built the HobbyCraft model of the S-2. It is a copy of the Hasegawa model but its quality is very poor in comparison. Since both models are about $12.00 US, the Hasegawa is a much better representation, with better quality parts. (More crisp pieces, better tolerances, etc.) Both are still in production and can be purchased or ordered at any hobby shop in the US. They are also almost always available at eBay (search S2F) as well as the Aurora kit (more expensive).
Pacific Aircraft produces the finest hand-made models. The model has a span of 18,75" and lenght of 11,5". Visit the website of Pacific Models for more information, Click here!

Flight simulators

Want to have your own link trainer? Visit the website of eBay

Do you want to fly a model of the Grumman Tracker from behind your computer? Visit the website of Simviation and download a file of a S-2F in Dutch navy markings. The panel of this model is very good! More models of the Grumman Tracker can also be found at the website of Simviation.


At some giftshops you can find hatpins about the Grumman Tracker. This is a hatpin of an Australian S-2E/G with VS-816 markings.

A very nice wallpaper (800x600). (Eric van Heeswijk)

More Stoof Stuff on its way!!