English Tagalog dictionary for Windows

New application, new design...

Tagalog Translator 3 has been released now. While I was still working on version 2 (with many interruptions) I decided to redesign and rebuild the entire application to make it more suitable to Windows Vista and Windows 7 computers. The new version has a local SQL database without the requirement to have BDE installed.

new version

Overview & screenshots...

The following functionality is included within the Tagalog Translator 3 application:



The main functionality is a dictionary with a score-based search algorythm for translating English-Tagalog / Tagalog-English. Including additional information such as active verb, passive verb, L2 definitions, notes and examples. Search query history and copy to clipboard functionality is available as well.

This functionality (with a few limitations) is available in the standard version of Tagalog Translator 3.



For daily communication in the Tagalog language, the Tagalog Translator 3 is equipped with a variety of practical phrases. All expressions are grouped into categories.

This functionality is available in the standard version of Tagalog Translator 3.



This window contains a list of internet sources regarding the Philippines. Categories: Dating, Hotels, Travel, etc.

This functionality is avaibable in the standard version of Tagalog Translator 3.

print expressions

Print Expressions

Tagalog Translator 3 supports printing functionality. This window enables you to print the expressions (including your own data, if categorised) based on a user definable filter.

This functionality is available in the advanced version of Tagalog Translator 3.

own data

Own Data

Upon the request of many users of the first version of Tagalog Translator, version 3 contains functionality to add your own translations (both words and expressions) and to maintain your data.

In order to share your own data you can upload your own data and download data from other users of Tagalog Translator 3.

This functionality is available in the advanced version of Tagalog Translator 3.

maps & info

Maps & Info

Tagalog Translator 3 contains maps of both the Philippines, Metro Manila, Cebu Province, including general information about these areas and tourist tips (places worth seeing).

This functionality is available in the advanced version of Tagalog Translator 3.


Download the advanced version of "Tagalog Translator 3" from RegNow (donation fee $10). Click here to proceed. Thank you in advance for your support.

Click here here to download the trial version of Tagalog Translator 3 or choose one of the following third party websites to download (note: downloading will be much faster via these partners):

Get it from CNET Download.com!          

As soon as you start the program for the first time, a registration process will be initiated. Just follow the instructions on your screen and a license key for the standard version will be provided automatically.


Due to further development of this application and in order to be able to pay the webhosting and data bandwidth (note: previous versions of this application were downloaded hundreds of times per month) your donation will be highly appreciated. Any amount will do ($1, $5, $10, $50, etc.). Please click on the PayPal Donate button to be redirected to the PayPal website.

As soon as your donation has been confirmed you will receive a license key in order to unluck all functionality of Tagalog Translator 3. Updates (notifications) and support (remote, by e-mail) are included as well.

More info...

For more information, questions and/or suggestions please provide me with a message.

E-mail: roosiedb at planet dot nl.


last updated on 12 August 2012

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