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ADMAS is affiliated with the National College of Martial Arts. This organization is presided over by Hanshi Lou Angel in the U.S.A. All test results are officially certified by this body

Basic Curriculum for First Dan in U.S. Urban Goju Karate and Kempo

These lists provide the material that you will learn to achieve the 1st dan level in our system. From complete beginner level to mastery of this material typically requires a minimum of four years of study and practice. Students with advanced ranks in other martial arts systems may complete this curriculum significant faster. Please talk to the Renshi if you feel you qualify for our accelerated programme! All start at white belt level, conform the guidelines of Master Peter Urban!

The requirements for 2nd and 3rd Dan will be given to you after achieving the previous rank. These will also be increasingly personalized to better fit your persoanl goals in the martial arts.


Basic Strikes, Intermediate and advanced strikes, pressure point strikes


Basic, intermediate and advanced Kicks, Travelling Kicks, Spinning Kicks, Flying Kicks, Sweeps


Tensho, Teikyoku, Gekisai, Empi-ha, Seinchin, Han, Sayaan, Kooroorunfa, Sanchin (All U.S. Urban forms) plus optional pinyan or kempo katas, original kata form


Basic Stances, Falling techniques, Throwing techniques, Rolling

Kempo Combinations

1-20 to punching attack, both Right and Left handed

Blocking Systems

8-point blocking system with follow ups, 10-point blocking, plum tree blocking, wings of the crane and dragon gate blocking and applications


5 fully developped bunki per kata and per Kempo animal form

Academic Requirements

Review on P. Urban's "The Karate Dojo", Review on martial arts book, comparison paper on two martial arts styles.

Kempo Animals

Names, meanings, technique recognition, applications in and outside kumite and bunki


Self defense concepts and theory, legal and ethical issues, defense techniques and strategies against bare hand attacks, weapons, multiple attacks

Weapon Forms

Attack and defense forms and handling proficiency with escrema sticks, tonfa, nunchaku, bo

Kumite (Sparring)

Safety concepts, attack and defense, speed techniques, point sparring, power sparring and tai chi sparring

Miscellaneous General fitness and stamina, discipline, attitude, dojo etiquette, elementary concept of Qi, board breaking

A "boji" is the demonstration of a technique derived from a kata, a "bunki" is an application to a stylized attack of a technique derived from a kata.

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