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ADMAS is affiliated with the National College of Martial Arts. This organization is presided over by Hanshi Lou Angel in the U.S.A. All test results are officially certified by this body

Associations, schools, academies
http://www.louangel.com/ Lou Angel's National College of Martial Arts
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Goldenfist-USA-Goju-Hombu-Dojo/440432599310990  Master Soto's Golden Fist USA Goju School
http://www.karate-utrecht.nl/ RB's Kenpo Karate Academy
http://members.ziggo.nl/laniti/judo.html De Brug Judo and Jiu Jitsu
http://www.forceone.nl/ Force One martial arts supplies
http://www.matsuru.com/ Matsuru martial arts supplies
Fitness, Wellness
http://www.jagerhf.nl/ De Jager Health & Fitness
http://www.ahcypenburg.nl/ Active Health Center Ypenburg
www.cftrainingtoday.com Candles Flame Computer Training