Enrichment for Today
Empowerment for Tomorrow

ADMAS is affiliated with the National College of Martial Arts. This organization is presided over by Hanshi Lou Angel in the U.S.A. All test results are officially certified by this body

Enrichtment for Today, Empowerment for Tomorrow!

We call ourselves a "Martial Arts" school. The word "Martial" comes from the name of the Roman god Mars, commonly known as the god of war. So, the term "martial arts" literally means: arts -in this case movement arts- that have something to do with warfare, with fighting. So why do we maintain that fighting is NOT the ultimate goal of studying the martial arts, when the very name seems to imply this?

The god Mars presided of many more aspects in life than just warfare and fighting alone. He was also a god who gave his followers courage and the strength to overcome problems and challenges in life. And his warfare was not just aimed at death and destruction: it was a warfare absolutely necessary in order to ensure a more longlasting peace afterwards. Seen in this way, Mars was and still may be a very useful god: after all, we are all struggling with a variety of life's problems and challenges and Mars and his "martial" arts can help us overcome those an -as a result- grow as persons. That is why we view martial arts study as a valuable means to achieve personal growth in many areas of life.

This also means that in our trainings and approach, we focus the attention to the individual student. The reasons people take martial arts are different for each person, but in our school the purpose is always the same for everyone: to get to know yourself and your limitations and to grow beyond them. This may however be achieved in different ways, depending on personal preferences, skills, background and of course discipline,

Our focus on the personal growth of individual students, also implies that we do not encourage competition and therefore do not participate in tournaments.  The tournament structure gives too much emphasis to the fight and the competition between people, rather than challenging the self. It stops much of what is accomplished in the Dojo with the trainers and other students. 

Tournaments also provide the public with a very small piece -and in our view inessential -aspect of the study of Martial Arts. As a result, the public views students of martial arts as nothing but glorified prize fighters. How often have we heard, when people found out we were holding a Dan grade in Karate: "So I must be careful around you, you are very dangerous!"? Nothing could be further from the truth, as one of the first lessons in Self Defense clearly states: "Avoid violence, unless absolutely necessary and then only in measure".

We achieve these lofty goals by using what we call the Pyramid of Empowerment: Karate is the result of an intimate collaboration between movement of the body, balance of the spirit and power of the mind. This means that we need to train and develop these three aspects simultaneously, and not only focus on the physical exercises and their perfection. We use a large variety of activities and traditional or not so traditional forms. Most of these are derived from the U.S. Goju Karate and Shaolin Kempo repertoire, but we do not hesitate to use elements from other martial arts disciplines when this is appropriate.

The benefits of martial arts training are twofold. First, there are the immediate benefits of physical exercise, pushing one' s limits and overcoming obstacles. And second, in the long run, there is the growth in self-confidence, physical and mental health and personal welness. This is why we chose as our motto: Enrichtment for Today, Empowerment for Tomorrow!

If there are any aspects of our philosophy you'd like to hear more about, please contact us, we'll be happy to answer your questions.