For Merry

In this life thus denied, may she fly unhindered and free henceforth!

You passed on in very much the same way as your friend Pippin did, more than one and a half year ago. One moment you were still with us, the next you had gone beyond, leaving us in disbelief and heart ache. But the truth is, you never really recovered from the loss of your friend, who apparently also was your mate and your life partner. And it seems she flew in yesterday to finally take you with her, so now you are together again, the way it apparently was meant to be.

You were always the adventurous one, a wonderful and inquisitive flyer, and one of the few birds who would actually come over sit with you, nibble on your ear after first letting out a loud scream to announce your presence and whom one could pet, however delicately. You would come over and investigate us, you would nibble on our hair and scream loudly if you wanted our attention and did not get it as soon as you liked.

But something died inside you when Pippin moved on, we saw that and we tried to bring some joy back into your life, by adopting a new friend, Sammy. And even though the two of you tried to make it work, somehow it never did completely, not for you at least. You became shy and somewhat withdrawn, still very sweet and responsive to us, but it was clear you dearly were missing someone.

And then yesterday night, just before 'going to bed' we saw you stumbling on the bottom of your cage and seconds later you passed away in our hands. As if you had been waiting for that moment when you had our full attention. But it is so hard to believe you are gone!

We have had so much fun with you and you were always willing to share and show your love for us. We know that where you are now you have Pippin with you. And we feel you are happier now than ever before. As it was meant to be...

Sweetheart, may you rest in peace and may the God and Goddess keep you in their arms...

Why "Memorial for our Pet Birds"?