For Pippin

In this life thus denied, may she fly unhindered and free henceforth!

When we got you as a little bird, together with your pal Merry, the contrast between the two of you could not have been greater. The one an adventurous daredevil, and you a shy little chick. Many things scared you in the beginning: our loud voices, our laughter, the other birds and most of all: our hands!

You were always the one who needed most of our attention. Flying? You were not so good at it: after summoning the necessary courage to lift off, you knew only one way: straight ahead. Countless times we had to pluck you out of curtains, from behind cupboards and couches. Several times a year we had to take you into "Beauty parlor" (euphemim for the vet's office) to trim you nails and beak, things you did not take care of yourself. But we did this with the love every creature entrusted to our care deserves.

The last few months we saw you coming out of your shell, starting to reach out to us. Nibbling on our hair was for a long time your favorite pastime but lately you started to actually eat fruits and vegetables from our hands. Quite an achievement for the shy bird that was you!

And then we found you one afternoon at the bottom of your cage, neck broken. Just when you started to live a happy life, it was taken away from you and you were taken away from us, so suddenly. The Lord and Lady of the Animals must have great plans for you to be wanting you back so soon.

We will never forget you: all the worries we had, all the trips to the vet, but first and foremost your love we received in return, your sweetness and the feeling of your little beak rummaging in our hair.

Sweetheart, may you rest in peace and may the God and Goddess keep you in their arms...

Why "For Pippin"?