Why "For Pippin"?


Why did I make this page "For Pippin"?

There are a couple of reasons for this. First and foremost is that I wanted to express and 'do something' with my feelings of loss and mourning after she passed way so quickly and unexpectedly. Giving her a little spot on the Internet is just my way of giving her a sense of immortality. And if this page will aid pet owners who recently lost their companion in any way, Pippin's life will have had also a meaning to others than just us who knew her and cared for her.

Cause here's my second reason: far too often pet animals in our present day society are treated as no more than consumer goods. That is especially true for the smaller pets : hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, rabbits and small birds as budgerigars, cockatiels and canaries. In our country, preoccupied with dogs and cats as it is, it is almost impossible to find a good veterinarian who knows about birds (thankfully, we have found an avian specialist were we live). And we have also observed that many of these small animals are inbred, leading to weakness of the species and hence, all sorts of associated health problems.

It is my and our opinion that, no matter how small, such pet animals deserve our respect and our attention and the best care possible. There is no such thing as "just a bird" or "just a guina pig", something you hear quite often when you are suffering the loss of a pet animal. As if its size determines the amount of love and grief you may feel for them. They are the Gods' creatures in their own right and as pets, their lives are entrusted to us. They have have their own individual characters, quirks and peculiarities and they should not be treated as disposable commodities serving our amusement, nor should this message be sent to our kids in any way.

We owe it to ourselves to give them the best of all, after all we are the ones who took away their freedom to pursue their own fates and bound them to ours.

Pippin, but not only Pippin, all the birds we have shared our life with, either still with us or having moved on, have enhanced our lives in numerous ways, and each in their own little or big way. It is my hope that a page like "For Pippin" will somehow contribute to a realization that all creatures we share this planet with deserve our respect and our love and attention. And not just the ones we pay a lot of money for or who are capable of doing fun tricks.

If this is achieved, however small, then Pippin's life will have been more meaningfull.

Blessed Be, Ron

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