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Stress Management in Dialogue with your Body!

Ideomotor information key for letting go of Pain, Fear and Fear of Pain

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Using muscle monitoring (muscle testing with very light pressure) as Ideomotor mechanism

Muscle monitoring - The method by which the practitioner of Applied/Specialized Kinesiology gets to decide what to do.

Ideomotor - The notion that it is possible to observe unconcious muscle movement.

The combination of the two is the ideal situation for any trained person to get to know (unbaised) what really bugs the other person.

Its only now that you - as a well intending person - might start to realize this is the key to really help the other person, swiftly and gently.

With 20 years of experience, I know what it can do for a person first hand.


"Living under the smoke of" Paleis het Loo in Apeldoorn, at the most southern junction where Govert Flinck and Josef Israλls meet, you find me working in the evening and in the weekend, providing health support for those who feel themselves convident enough to appreciate understanding themselves the alternative way. With the chance to return feeling different! [Salomons, Adviescentrum voor Gespecialiseerde Kinesiologie | Apeldoorn - Factsheet] > Click for More

Stress management is our goal – The goal of the work we do is stress management. Using muscle testing as a means and technique to adequately find that what keeps us from feeling relaxed. We supply the Body Mind Spirit Connection with corrections it wants. Afterwards we test for the effectiviness with the same tool namely muscle testing. This biofeedback tool (muscle testing) shows us the way you react on a thought, an emotion or an event in dialogue with your body! Relaxing and laying on the table, you may find yourself doing hard work. And all because you want it and you are ready for it! And boy, you deserve it! Don't you want that too?? > Click for More

Hypnosis – Through the year I begot the understanding that all communication is strongly imprinted with evidence of states of hypnosis being at work. We can not not do without hypnotizing the other. For instance when I ask you to remember that sunny day last october where the sun shone on your skin and you felt really good. I ask you to go into a different state. A state of age regression, which is a state of hypnosis. And you know how easy you can get out of this state, don't you. > Click for More

The goal of this site is to inform you about this stess management technique called Muscle Monitoring, so that you the UNBIASED reader may get some understanding of this method. Now, you coming here on this site was for a purpose, maybe you were searching for a bit of understanding, maybe you want to know more about muscletesting. Let me tell you ... you found the place to be! Don't you think so. Listening to you and your body together we can work to a solution for your problem, can you imagine. > Click for More

About Specialized Kinesiology

Stress release and homeostasis. Stress is a build up of forces that can lead to tissue fatigue. It is only in homeostasis that the body has found the natural equilibrium that is necessary to let go of stress easily. Using muscle monitoring we detect if there is evidence of stress buildup and the place(s) of impact. The final goal is to help body/mind/spirit find back its innate wishdom. > Click for More

Muscle Monitoring. Specialized Kinesiology is what this site is about. Talking about what is at the heart of this system, namely Muscle Monitoring (as it is addressed to by Applied Physiology). Others may call it (Manual) Muscle Testing. As proclaimed earlier this stress management techinique for measuring the amount of stress is the alpha and omega of (specialized and applied) kinesiology. The corrections that follow are the reason why we test further, until Body Mind Spirit show work is done for today. > Click for More

Muscle Monitoring is an art. It has to be practiced diligently to understand what body/mind/spirit is "saying", that it is to get a feel of what the inate intelligence of the body is trying to communicate. > Click for More

Is there a difference between Applied Kinesiology and Specialized Kinesiology? First of all kinesiology has all to do with the optimalization of the movement of the body. How it moves in "space" and what one can do to make it better. Yes, we tend to maintain a difference between Applied and Specialized Kinesiology. > Click for More

Make up your own mind. Now there are people who tell you, "Stay away from Applied Kinesiology" ?? (Quackwatch). Are they right or are they wrong?! > Click for More

Everything is energy, everything is vibration

The healing part of the work is based on vibration of energy as it is visualized by the concept of Quantum theory. > Click for More

Where there is energy there is movement and I train myself to feel the movement of all the parts the body has (muscles, organs, connective tissue etcetera.). To feel the cold and the warm one can sense by touching the skin, and to correct these sympoms by simply Touching and focusing energy. > Click for More

Body mind spirit communicate, or not

Communication to oneself (the inner world), to the outer world. I have found all communication is hypnosis related. > Click for More

And while being in trance one can do visualisations on Shadow, Body Mind Spirit, Aura, Chakra. > Click for More

We look at the running of energy through the acupuncture meridians. In Traditional Chinese Medicin (TCM) the focus is on the total of all energyflow trough our acupuncture meridians: The Web that has No Weaver. > Click for More

The brain has its connection with the Central Vessel. That is where the focus is when you enter the workshop "Brains". Pauselocking and correcting are the things to do. It is as if this is a META position where one gets the possibility to focus on the center of the problem. > Click for More

Bodywork makes the difference. As it is at the heart of the system, bodywork is the mechanical way of bringing energetic balance between Body/Mind/Spirit. > Click for More

Keep your homocysteine level and methylmalonic acid level in bloodserum under control and be happy. The feeling of being tired all the time may come over you. This information is very important for everyone on this planet. If you are chronic tired, have neurlogical pains, have problems with your heart and bloodcirculation. > Click for More


Having given you the principles I invite you to enjoy reading the The art of muscle monitoring as I perceive it to be., as in Ortho Kinesiologie, which means doing kinesiologie the right way. I.e. really listening to body mind spirit. - Huib Salomons (Apeldoorn, 08 feb. 2009)

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