God bless, you sinners! Unlike so many other bands in the "genre", The Apemen didn't release a record EVERY WEEK! Filled with some shitty, and badly recorded, lame cover-tunes. Hell No! The Apemen chose for quality over quantity and are proud of it! How many bands can look back at such a catalog packed to the max with nothing but classics! Surf music as it was meant to be played! From the very first 7" to the prize-winner "Surfvival of The Onbeschofste",and with even more material coming out soon! And remember... The Apemen love you. 7 Inches Of Love March 2000 Double Crown Records The Apemen's complete 7"vinyl releases, compilation album tracks, 1 unreleased track and two live tracks. USA, CD Songs: (Bajjad / Crunch / Invasion Of The Apemen / Cruisin' / Intoxica / Percolator Stomp / Pogo-A-Go-Go / Toronado / Surf Dracula / Bahareeba / When Johnny Comes Wreckin'home / Shake Your Hoover / Squad Car (unreleased) / Surf Party (live) / Miserlou (live) Surfvival of the Onbeschofste Summer 1995 Nitro! (Demolition Derby), The Apemen's 2nd album. Regarded as a genre-classic. Belgium, 12" LP/CD Songs: Cor Steijn Rides The Wild / Het Grote Surffeest / Tokonado! / Joop Walvis hangs Ten / De Wip / EI Rey Del Surf / Surf Dracula (alternate version) / Los Broodje / Bongo Bongo / Shake Your Hoover / Space Race / Bahareeba / El Tortura / Queen Jackula / Anastesia / When Johnny Comes Wreckin'Home (CD Bonustrack) Live at KFJC Recorded in Los Altos Hills, CA, USA, spring 1994 Promo CD-R live (250 copies released for special fans) Songs: Intoxica / Percolator Stomp / Toronado / Crash / Bahareeba / Crunch / Surf Dracula / Surf Party / Penetration / Pogo-A-Go-Go / Moment Of Truth / Camelc*nt / El Tortura / When Johnny Comes Wreckin' Home / Invasion Of The Apemen / Miserlou El Tortura Autum 1994 Estrus records, Early copies released on red vinyl U.S.A, 7" 45 RPM Songs: El Tortura / Percolator Stomp Sounds of the Apemen August 1994 Demolition Derby records Belgium, 7" EP 33 RPM Songs: Toronado / Surf Dracula / Bahareeba / When Johnny Comes Wreckin'home Are you being Surfed? January 1994 Vulcan records (Semaphore) Netherlands, 10" LP/CD Songs: Crash / Moment of truth / Cruisin'/ lnvasion of the Apemen / Pipeline / Camelc*nt / Penetration / Crunch / Hard and sole / Intoxica (alternate version) / Apes of spades / Arabian beachstomp / Creature from the haunted sea (CD bonus track only Intoxica Summer 1993 Demolition Derby records Belgium, 7" 45 RPM split single Song: Intoxica / Dragstrip=MONOMEN Invasion of the Apemen Spring 1993 Kogar records Netherlands 7" EP 45 RPM Songs: Bajjad / Crunch / Invasion Of The Apemen / Cruisin' Continental Magazine #9 Early 2002 This CD came free with issue #9 of this US magazine USA, PROMO CD Song: Space Race That's New Pussycat! March 2000 Omom music surf interpretations of BB's songs. Italy, CD Song: 24 hours from Tulsa (exclusive) Waves of the West March 2000 KFJC Radiostation's fundraiser. available through mailorder only. USA, CD Song: Percolator Stomp, live at KFJC (exclusive) Rockaway Zine Winter1999/2000 Free CDR that came with the #4/5 issue of the german fanzine "Rockaway Zine" Germany, CD Song: Space Race ANGST! OX! compilation #22 Winter1996 OX magazine, complementary CD Germany, CD Song: Cor Steijn Rides The Wild Rock music from the Netherlands Winter1996 Dutch Rock music Foundation Netherlands, promo CD Song: El Rey Del Surf The ESTRUS cocktail companion Autumn 1994 Estrus records Early copies released on red vinyl USA, 3x7" boxset / CD Song: Pogo A go-go (exclusive) Locked into Surf part 1 1996 Alopecia records Great Britain, CD Song: Shake Your Hoover-alternate version Locked into Surf volume 2 Summer 1995 Alopecia records Great Britain, 12" lp Song: Shake Your Hoover-alternate version Surfing around the World Autumn 1995 Pin Up records Germany, 12" lp Songs: Toronado / Bajjad / EI Tortura