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Our Camptrailer adventures in 2007

March 2007

The first signs of spring are there. It's time to clean-up the garage and to put the Camptrailer out in the sun for some fresh air.

2005_0601af.jpg (623184 bytes)

After a few hours, the caravan goes back into the garage; clean and ready for it's first trip of this year.

the ferry back home

Texel 4 - 6 Mei 2007

Our first trip for this year. Maarten, our brother in law celebrates his 50th birthday on the island of Texel. We stay at minicamping the Korenschoof the same location as where the party will take place.

During the day the weather conditions are fine but the nights are quite chilly. But thanks to the fact that we sleep in the caravan makes it comfortable.

2007_0505aa.jpg (2538068 bytes)

The party was great and we enjoyed it a lot......  After a good sleep, we spent the next day on the beach. There was a strong wind but it's nice to walk against the wind.

June 2007: France, Germany and Luxembourg

Saturday June 16th , we leave in the direction of the south. Pierre en Andre, two friends from South Africa, are on holiday in France. We made an appointment to meet each other Sunday afternoon in Paris. We will be staying at camping Heliomonde which we also frequented last year. The weather is fine and Sunday even perfect (till 16:00). It's good to meet Pierre and Andre again. We met them during our first trip to South Africa and since then our paths crossed regularly (in the Netherlands or South Africa)

 2007_0617AB.JPG (684966 bytes)  2007_0617av.jpg (602019 bytes)

On Monday we travel on to the Alsace (France). Via our camping guide we come across camping Municipal de Wasselonne. Though the Else is a part of France, the German influence is quite obvious here in this region. In every window hanging Geraniums...... The Alsece is a beautiful area to make short trips in the region (Vosges du Nord). The Alsace Kitchen is world famous and not without a reason..... It's time to travel on otherwise we gain to much weight!

2007_0619ab.jpg (2392432 bytes)  

Our next destination is Bad Herrenalb, Germany. We frequented this village 18 years ago during one of our first holidays. Bad Herrenalb is situated in the North part off the "Schwartzwald" (Black Forest). We camp on the only camping in this village camping Jungbrunnen.   Our place next to a nice brook. Later we hiked, with our dog, the mountains to find many springs.

2007_0620af.jpg (690760 bytes)

The second day in Bad Herrenalb the weather changes. During the night mighty thunderstorm. And during the day lower temperature and more rain. We could travel on to the south, in search of better weather. But we decide to travel in the direction of home. So our next stop is Heiderscheid, Luxembourg. Camping De Reemert - Fuussekaul. This is the perfect base for small trips to the Luxembourg Ardennes. Lots of overwhelming nature and aged Castle's. In Luxembourg we experience our next thunderstorm. From 23:30 till 6:15. All night! In all extremes directly above the camping. The force is immense and the next day we discover that there is a lot of damage on the camping. Lucky for us we have no damage. And also in Luxembourg after rain comes sun.......  in the afternoon the tent is dry and we decide to go home. We keep it secret that we are home so we have a few extra days holiday at home!

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11-12 augustus 2007:  weekend Texel

The weather is perfect. Lots of sunshine and a good temperature. Ideal for a fun weekend-break on Island Texel.

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We are camping at minicamping the Korenschoof. And we bring along the small tent cabin. With these wheather conditions there is no need for a bigger tent. During the night it cools down a bit  but we have the advantage to sleep in a caravan.

Next morning we are waked by the sun. We spend a few hours on the beautiful island of Texel and then take