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Our Camptrailer adventures in 2008


Texel 9-10 April

2008_0410AF.JPG (688428 bytes)A new camping season. We have a week holiday and the weather forecast was not that good: during the night temperatures below zero and rain. But halfway the week the forecast was improving and we decided to go for a short stay to Texel.

We had a very nice stay on the island. Although the night was freezing, we stayed warm with a Texel's quilt. But during the day, the weather was warm and sunny; we even got a mild sunburn!







Zeeland diving weekend with ABC


Three days of diving, gathering with friends, good meals, a lot of fun, that is what our diving weekends are about.

Tour de France  june 2008

St. Cheron. Close to Paris we found our first holiday stop  The weather forecast was not good at all, but we had beautiful and sunny weather. We did enjoy our visit to the city of Paris. We walked a lot through Paris and enjoyed the shops and terraces. But the inner city of Paris is quite polluted by the emissions of too many cars. So we where glad to breath fresh air again, back on the camping.  After two days the weather changed and it was  time to move on.


La Douze. A small village in the Dordogne. About 12 km from Perigieux. Again a quit camping in a beautiful surrounding. The double roof of our tent is a great invention. By putting the top layer out, the tent is  in the shadow (see pic.) and the wind can blow under the roof to cool. By closing the roof during the night you get a layer of isolating air. The city Perigieux is beautiful. Especially the old centre. Saint-Front the old cathedral dominates the Isle with her domes and towers. Her 'eastern' caracter stands out in the Périgord. The Church is built in the 11e century and devoted to 'the  holy Front'. He was a missionary in the Périgord and the first bischop of the Périgueux. After the  fire (1120) the church was rebuilt even bigger (in the Venetian style of San Marco)


Vieux. Our next stop was Vieux. A very tiny village in the Tarn (Midi Pyrénées) The camping is owned by a Dutch couple  (Maarten en Koosje). For our dinners we stayed most of the time on the camping and ate in the  restaurant. The food was perfect and after that we enjoyed the conversation with Koosje, Maarten and the other guests so much.  We did try not to stay too long but we failed always and stayed there to the early hours in the morning.The weather was not perfect but there was a lot to see in the direct surrounding, like the city of Albi and a lot of old fortified villages like Cordes sur Ciel.  Our dog Xena enjoyed the attention she got.





St. Privat de Champclos. By one of the most stunning mountain passes we left from the Tarn to the Gard (just below the Ardeche) and found a camping at the river Cèze. They warned us for the flood risk on the lower camping places near the Cèze. With strong rains the water level of the river can   rise 24 foot in a couple of minutes. And all the lower camping places will disappear under water. But with a sunny sunny sunny weather forecast, we  took the risk and found a place direct to the river.

Verrières. Our last holiday stop. Slowly we started thinking more frequently about our life at home, it's time to travel  home again. Our trip had been going well except for  a major trafficjam in Lyon. In the late afternoon we were near Dijon and found a small camping in Verrières.  Verrières is again a small village, in region the Aube (Champagne-Ardennes). The camping is very quiet and we decided to go to Troyes for dinner. First we drove through Buchères, an ugly industrial city, not impressive at all. But directly after the border with Troyes the scene changed dramatically. Most of the the buildings are in the Art Nouveau and Modern style. The old town is stunning with it's half timbered homes! There are so many terraces and good restaurants that it's almost difficult to choose. We had a great meal outside on a terrace and immediately after we paid our bill, a massive thunderstorm went off. All people from the terraces were running inside with there plates and glasses of wine. A few stayed outside hiding under the parasols. Not knowing that the thunderstorm storm would last till next morning.....