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2009 Adventures with our Camptrailer

30 march,  finally spring again2009_0330AA.JPG (1230022 bytes)

Today it's finally warm and sunny weather and a good occasion to put the camptrailer outside for some fresh air. After the long and cold winter we're so looking forward for the spring an summer. Perhaps when the weather is fine we'll take a week off in April and go away for a new camptrailer adventure.







26-29 april, Island Texel.nl

2009_0427AA.JPG (1245376 bytes)  2009_0427AF.JPG (1243695 bytes)  2009_0429AB.JPG (1232852 bytes)

Sunny Sping days become unpredictable. It's cloudy and there's some rain now and then. But we do have a couple of days off, so we decide to visit the Island Texel with our camptrailer. We always enjoy our walks along the beach ending up in one of the beach-restaurants. Paal Twelve is our fovorite. Jan en Simone are very friendly hosts and - don't tell anyone - the beach is more quiet here!. De Koog for instance is full of ordinary tourists with screamy children making a lot of noise who eat pizza, sate or go the snackbar. So we quickly leave De Koog for Den Burg, where the food and the restaurants are a little better. If there ain't sun, you'll have to find other enjoyment, don't you think?

2009_0429AD.JPG (1190612 bytes) On our day of leaving (29 april) it suddenly becomes sunny, so we can take our tent dry with us back to Almere. 

June-July, summer holiday

We have three weeks off and we start with a weekend diving in Zeeland. Together with our dive Club: 'Aqua Bubble Makers', we stay at camping Noorder Nieuwland near Brouwershaven. It's a great weekend and we make beautiful dives and of course we had a lot of fun with our dive team.

2006_0910af.jpg (1255877 bytes)  zeeanjelieren.jpg (35356 bytes)

Followed by Costa Almere....

After the weekend we planned to go to France, but decided last minute to stay at home. The weather forecast for the Netherlands is so good that we are going to enjoy advantages of living on a  houseboat. Swimming, sunbathing enjoying our garden bar. And because everyone thinks we are in France we have all the time for ourselves.

2007_0803AA_small.JPG (29545 bytes)     2006_1106aa_small.jpg (24324 bytes)

But after two weeks we decide that we've spent enough time at home. You still get all the news and read your e-mail etc. In your vacation it's good to get also away from the news and the internet. So we leave on Friday to a camping near Paris, France. We stay there for a week and make day trips to the surrounding. Around noon we get stuck in the traffic jam in Paris. The temperatures in the car is almost unbearable. It takes more than one and a half hour to get through Paris. When we arrive on the camping we first take a jump in the pool...... psssssss

2009_0704AA.JPG (1223644 bytes)  2009_0705AH.JPG (1246649 bytes)  2009_0705AD.JPG (667414 bytes)

This camping is a perfect spot, close enough to make a visit to Paris, but far enough to enjoy the country life. 

4,5 en 6 September:  Camptrailer meeting at camping de Bosmuis, Emst (Netherlands).

2009_0904AD.JPG (390540 bytes)     2009_0905AK.JPG (326059 bytes)

A group Camptailer owners met on the internet and this weekend we organized our first Camptrailer meeting at camping de Bosmuis. After a very good summer we had exactly in this weekend a lot of rain. But despite that, six Camptrailers and one Travelandcamp (the new successor of the Camptrailer   travelandcamp.nl) showed up. Although we didn't know each other before we had a wonderful weekend together. We concluded that owners of  Camptrailers are as adventurous as their caravan. And it was also interesting to look at all the little and major improvements that some of the owners had made to their tents or caravans. Some came up with tons of new ideas..... So we are already looking forward to next year to see what they realized

On Saturday we came together with 14 people in our Docktent (picture left above) for coffee, because of the strong rain outside. It was amazing that we all found a place to sit. (camping furniture is not that compact)  And on Sunday after we all packed our tents we made a few pictures together (look also on the site of the Camptrailer club, in dutch)

2009_0906AS.JPG (130757 bytes)  2009_0906AX.JPG (161542 bytes)

9 t/m 12 oktober: The Isle of Texel

The weather forecast is not good, hard wind and a lot of rain. But with our new "Wildebeast Kulali XL" umbrella roof we'll conquer the elements.... But as always don't believe the weather forecast because we had a very nice weekend at Texel some times the weather was even sunny. BUT on Sunday to Monday the weather changed to heavy storm!!! But we survived and arrived Monday evening safe and refreshed after a fine weekend at home.

2009_1010AB.JPG (323725 bytes)      2009_1010BA.JPG (327751 bytes)

20 November I installed two extra supports.

2009_1120AF.JPG (326841 bytes)     2009_1120AE.JPG (322670 bytes)

Original the Camptrailer come only with two supports on the bacside and a nose wheel. It is enough in most conditions but sometimes we prefer to have one support on each corner. Today I mounted the two extra ones to the the front side of the caravan. Is now easy too get the caravan horizontal and with hardly any effort you can lift the wheels from the ground.