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2010 Adventures with our Camptrailer


3 to 5 September Camptrailer weekend (and other mini caravans)

After the success of the 2009 Camptrailer gathering it's time for the 2010 edition

2010_0907AY.JPG (136298 bytes)   2010_0907AI.JPG (199645 bytes)

This years location is Camping de Hartjens. Camping de Hartjens is a mini camping in the Achterhoek Netherlands. This area is also known as Montferland. The camping is situated in a Vineyard. So of course we did enjoy the good wine tasting of some of the rare Dutch wines!

It was great meeting other Camptrailer fans and spending some time with them. And of course there was a big exchange of ideas. When Peter and Nacy arrived on their trike with a Camptrailer behind they became the centre of attention.

A new tarp to use with the cabin tent

2010_0806AL_small.JPG (14583 bytes) 2010_0806AD.JPG (317961 bytes) 2010_0806AH.JPG (324955 bytes)

On sale I found this one. Ideal for when we are travelling with only the smaller Cabin tent. Easy to put up and a lot of extra living space.

21 June - 1 July, "Tour de France 2010"

France is an ideal country for camping. The weather is normally fine and there are a lot of camping sites. There are a lot of different kind of camping so there is always one that suits your wishes.

2010_0624AL.JPG (324139 bytes)de Tarn, Vieux , camping la Sesquière. Camping la Sesquière is a small camping managed by a nice and friendly Dutch couple, Maarten and Koosje. They are like family to us. So it's always great to make a 'small' D-tour to visit them when we are in France. This year we were in France during the World soccer Cup and of course we saw the matches on - sometimes big and sometimes small video screens. For the other guests we made it clear we stood behind the Dutch team.







To Jan en Lucy in Flayosc. After a few days it is time to go on. We are now going to visit Jan and Lucy in the Côte d'Azure. Although it is not high season, the traffic is terrible and it takes us almost 8 hours to get in Flayosc. Jan and Lucy have a very nice house in the forest arround Flayosc and we sleep in our Camptrailer in their garden under the olive trees.

2010_0626AP.JPG (618567 bytes) 2010_0626AC.JPG (651043 bytes) 2010_0627AC.JPG (328810 bytes)

In the morning breakfast on this terrace (after a swim in the brand new pool) And what is France without it's markets?

2010_0629AF.JPG (310675 bytes) 2010_0701AD.JPG (667160 bytes)

Camping la Gagère in Luzy. Our last stop is camping la Gagère (in the Bourgogne). Camping la Gagère is located up on a hill in a forest. Ideal for long walks with our dog Xena. The camping is situated direct to the pilgrims route to Santiago the Compostella (Spain) Of course we did walk a part of the route but we did not encounter any pelgrims. But there was a certain energy that we both experienced. The Santiago route fascinates us and perhaps we will walk this route as pilgrims, someday.... But for now we have to focus us to our work next week, so we'll have to pack our stuff and head back home.

11 juni, scubadiving weekend with the qua Bubblemaker Culb in Tynaarlo (Drente, nl)

This anually event brings our diving club together in Tynaarlo. (the North East of the Netherlands) As you see on the pictures we are lucky with the weather there was some rain but most of the day it's dry and sunny.

het Veenmeer

The diving location is 't Veenmeer'. It's located on the camping and that's great for the non diving partners. Normally the divers are away (to dive locations) most of the day, leaving the non diving partners behind on the camping. This year divers and non divers stay more together as a group. And I believe that this made the weekend so special.

Especially because 't Veenmeer is not a good dive location at all.....!! The visibility is poor, less than 2 meters. (we are spoiled with a much better fresh water dive location close to home). And during this diving weekend most divers spent more time above the water instead of under water. And nobody did mind it at all, we had a great time! But hopefully next year we have a real diving weekend again.

Op de camping 1 Op de camping 2 Kreeftje Tynaarlo

21 March, "Spring clean-up"

2010_0321AC.JPG (326800 bytes)It's only a few weeks ago that it was snowing here, but finally after more than 3 months of cold weather, it's spring!

It's time to prepare our Camptrailer for the new 2010 adventures. During the winter we had unwanted guests in our Camptrailer, a mouse family.  They damaged the sheets and left a few droppings behind. So I want to clean everything very intensive before I'll call it our holiday home again. It takes a few hours but with the new bedsheets everything looks like new again! And the smell: April fresh....!