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Our new Camptrailer adventures in 2011


8 Maart: The new Camptrailer season starts with a new tow car, the Skoda Yeti 1.4TSI.

    2011_0308AC_small.JPG (55080 bytes)

This car could easily handle two Camptrailers at once. The perfect combination for the A75 in France.

17 - 19 april Texel, Netherlands

Early spring and good weather, time to leave for the Dutch island of Texel for a short break. We'll stay at minicamping de Korenschoof .

2011_0418AC.JPG (689682 bytes)

This year we start with a new Nespresso coffee machine and digitene television. Finally we have the same quality coffee as at home. We spend a lot of time on the beach, walking with our dog along the shore and on Monday we even took a sunbath!

16 - 21 mei. Luzy France

It's almost a year ago and finally we get some time off for a small getaway . We have one week off and want to go to France. To be sure we have good weather we follow the forecast for a week. And on our last day before our trip we decide that the best chance for good weather is Burgundy.  Our goal is camping Domaine de la Gagère in Luzy. It's beautifully situated at the top of a hill.

2011_0516AA.JPG (744826 bytes)

We leave before  midnight  and arrive the next moring quite early. The office is not even open yet. But at the backery they can help us and a few minutes later we are picking a place for the next week.

We have a great time here. Meeting nice people and also spend hours walking in the woods surrounding the camping. On top of  Mont Dône there is an ancient grave-site. The energy here is very strong and over centuries many people have seen this as a holy place. Even today this location is visited by 'light workers' who are attracted by the energy of the lei-lines that come together here. We both felt the spiritual energy here. And even our dog Xena felt it....

2011_0518AE.JPG (1306651 bytes)

After a week of  sun, our stay comes to an end and we have to hit the road again. Our car navigation system does a great job, avoiding the traffic jam around Paris. Nine hours later we are back home again.

10 - 13 june Scuba Diving Weekend Zeeland, Netherlands
zeeanjelieren.jpg (35356 bytes)

Friday after three months of dry weather, the rain is pouring from the sky. A wet start of a weekend away with our diving-club to Zeeland, Netherlands. But at least the spirit is good and we make a couple of great dives. It's is mating season for the cuttlefish and a lot of divers are attracted to Zeeland to observe this. Monday, after the weekend, all our diving friends return home back to work again. But we are lucky that we only go home to change our baggage for our next trip.... We will leave tonight for two weeks France. Our tent is still wet but tomorrow we can dry it in the sun of Southern France!

13 - 22 june Vieux, France

Road trip 1258 km to camping la Sesquière in Vieux, Midi Pyrenee!

2011_0614AC.JPG (1285733 bytes)

This is our 4th visit to this camping and we are looking forward to meet the owners Maarten and Koosje (Coco) again. We start our trip just before midnight. The roads are not busy so we have a smooth journey through the Netherlands and Belgium. In France we take the Péage (toll roads). We already pass Paris when the morning sun breaks through. There is not much traffic and with a speed of around 130 kph we are right on schedule. Around noon we arrive in Vieux. The weather in France is not perfect but here in Vieux we have plenty of sun and the forecasts are perfect.

2011_0615BD.JPG (1317054 bytes)

Despite a temperature off  28 degrees it's relative cool in the tent thanks to a double roof system. We enjoy our time here: friendly people, sun, good food, nice surroundings, and from time to time a jump in the pool. We make day trips to city's like Cordes sur Criel & Albi enjoying the French hospitality.

2011_0617AE.JPG (1291189 bytes)

Oue primary goal is to travel slowly from camping to camping in the direction to the Netherlands. But the weather forecast for Northern France is not good so we decide to stay here for the rest of our vacation. And over time more people from other parts of France arrive here to enjoy the good weather. When we leave the camping it is almost fully booked.

2011_0621AF.JPG (1353922 bytes)

The last night a thunderstorm is expected so we decide to take down the big tent. It's easier to dry the compact Bogota Tarp than the big tent. We leave early in the morning and about 12 hours later we are home again. Our garden is lushly green thanks to the Dutch rain. So here's the end our vacation. We have to work our garden.....

2 t/m 5 September, the 'Royal' Camptrailer weekend

In the forest near Lage Vuursche lies Camping Puur. It's a beautiful camping on walking distance from the future living residence of Queen Beatrix. Here we have our annually Camptrailer (and other mini-caravans) Weekend.

This year we had more participants then ever before...! It is so nice with this group. We shared all kinds of experiences and adjustments people made to their Camptrailers. Camptrailer owners are nice easy gooing people and good company to spent your weekend with!

Friday and Saturday we had perfect weather and did a lot of outside activities: like mini-golf, hiking and a big BBQ on Saturday evening.

2011_0903AA.JPG (1300515 bytes)  2011_0903AC.JPG (1286819 bytes)

After the BBQ we had a nice evening under the starry sky. And I think this was the moment that we talked about the typical Dutch curtains. Marianne promised that she would make some for us....! We all had a big laugh about it imagining how our Camptrailer would look like with the Dutch curtains.

On  Sunday when the majority had to go home it was raining, so most of them went home with a wet tent. We planned to stay a little longer but also the next morning it was raining again. Luckily we managed to get the tent dry in the bag  just before it started raining again. A few hours after we left  Lage Vuursche, the Camptrailer was clean back in our garage. And we were fancy dressed for an official party of the Almere Lifestyle glossy. With a glass of champaigne we - in silence - toasted  to all the nice people we met this weekend.

Two months later over the post....

In the letterbox I found a small parcel. Inpatient as I am, I went in the house to open the parcel. At that moment I had no clue from who this parcel is and what was in it. When I opened the parcel I was confused. Here I found the handmade curtains for our Camptrailer! At that moment  I remembered the conversation during the BBQ at the Camptrailer weekend.  It's from Marianne jus as she promised.....!

2011_1022AA_small.JPG (11144 bytes)2011_1022AG_small.JPG (11525 bytes)2011_1022AE.JPG (839819 bytes)

No, we never expected this.  Yes, we are quite happy with the curtains!  And look for yourself.  It totally fits with the Camptrailer. In Dutch we would say 'GEZELLIG'!