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Our Camptrailer adventures in 2005

20 May 2005

2005_0521aa.jpg (95786 bytes)We collected our Camptrailer in Emmen at the 20Th of May. Thanks to it's compact format, it was an easy drive home. Another benefit of it's compact size is that we don't need a set of caravan mirrors, the standard car mirrors will do. Back at home I found out that I did not create enough space in the garage. I thought the caravan was 3.10 meters long but that is without the dock. So I had the make a little more space but after one hour work, the Camptrailer was in and ready for it's first trip!


 2005_0525ae_small.jpg (13661 bytes)

21 May 2005, getting organized

Before we can make our first trip, we have to get organized with all our necessary camping equipment. Camping table, chairs, cooking equipment etc. All the big things fit easily unter the bed. But for the smaller things it's more difficult to find a logical place to store. So we bought a small camping cupboard that fits in the space between the fridge and the "kitchen". On location we can put the cupboard in the tent or beside the caravan. Now with the biciclettes on the pole we are ready for our first trip. Unfortunately we are the upcoming weekends quite busy so I'm not sure whether we find the time for a weekend away . But perhaps we can go for a "one night stand" on a friday or so?




2005_0601af_small.jpg (11421 bytes)



1 June 2005,

Today I had the bicycles checked by the repairman and had also two new saddles fixed. The old saddles were very hard and caused a lot of saddle-soreness. With the bicycles on the pole the Camptrailer is almost ready for our first trip. Wednesday next week I'll bring the Camptrailer to the HOLTCAMPER BV for a small repair. And Friday 10th of June we'll go for a weekend to the Isle of Texel. 


10 june 2005, a long weekend Texel

2005_0611ac_small.jpg (12279 bytes)


Unofrtunately, the  weather conditions are not as good as we hoped for. It's raining a lot and it's quite cold. But even in this conditions we enjoy our weekend. We camp at a farm near to the nature-reserve the Slufter. At our arrival we get all the attention from the other camping guests. They all come out to look at our camptrailer. In German I explain "dass er noch aufgepumpt werden soll". (it has to be inflated) Everyone was willing to help us. But before they are able to help us, Hans and I had fixed everything. No one has ever seen a caravan like this before and they all like it a lot. Especially the tent I made for the dog!

2005_0612bl_small.jpg (9342 bytes)This first camping experience we need to organize everything inside. After the chairs and table are out, there is enough space under the bed to store the dressboxes etc in a way that we have easy access to them. In the the tent we create two places to sit, one with a folding chair and the other seat is between the fridge and kitchen. The electric heater is very convenient because of the cold weather but next time we hope not to use the heater.

Another advantage of the Camptrailer is the small size. On the boat you have to pay an extra fee according to the size of the combination (car and caravan) In our case the size was less than 8 meters. Because of it's reduced prize we bought a five way ticket. In this way we save so much money that it only cost a few Euro's extra than for a car without a caravan!



24 june 2005, divingweekend Zealand

2005_0626ak.jpg (624083 bytes)This weekend we are going to dive in Zealand. The weather is quite hot and we leave to  camping NoorderNieuwland, Brouwershaven. We are going to dive with the Aqua Bubble makers Club, in the Grevelingenmeer. The Grevelingenmeer is the biggest salt-water lake of Europe and is known for it's rich under water life. (anemones, corals,sea-eels, lobsters (up to two feet), nakedsnails and if you're lucky even seahorses!) After I put all the divegear into the car, you already can see the car is not horizontal anymore. And this is even without the camptrailer. So I decided not to bring the bicycles with me this time. (Afterwards I get a tip from a much more experienced caravanner not to put the heavy weights in the car. We better put that in the caravan close to the wheels, this would hardly add any weight weight on the towing hook and the car would stay  horizontal.) So next time better......

2005_0626ab.jpg (659297 bytes)Our neighbors on the camping have a Preedom caravan (until recently one of the smallest caravans) And now they have 'all at once" a midsize caravan after we parked our Camptrailer next to them. Our Camptrailer is an attraction on the camping and we showed a lot of people around. The reactions are always quite positive. People are surprised that the caravan seems much bigger from the inside than from the outside. And as a "dive-base" the Camptrailer does a good job. The only trouble is the collapsible clothesline, it has difficulties with the weight of the divegear. Friday evening we are making a night-dive in the Grevelingemeer. I'm so surprised by all I see, it looks almost like a tropical sea. Everything looks so bright in the lamplight, to the background of the pitch-dark sea. Later that night,  when we are in bed, a big thunderstorm starts. The neighbors get out to make their tents storm proof. We don't have a storm-tie so we stay in bed and will find out next morning.....  Next morning everything is quiet and the tent is still there. On Saturday we leave for two boat-dives. On a boat you are able to go to dive-spots which are not accessible from land. On Sunday we decided not to dive with the group because Hans has to work tomorrow and has some preparations to do. We leave the camping in the afternoon and at nine o clock the Camptrailer was back in the garage with a clean bed. Ready for the next time...


7 t/m 15 July "tour de France"

2005_0710be.jpg (554556 bytes)We have two weeks off, and decide to take the Camptrailer to go to France. The plans are still open. We only know the camping for the first stop and the address for the last night at Jan's and Lucy's place.

We travelled south along the west coast  of France from St Valery sur Somme (Picardie)to La Rochelle (Charantes Maritime). Then we went toward the midi Pyrenees, St Christophe. And our last stop was Les Loches in Bourgogne. The whole trip took us 8 day's, always one day travelling and two night's at location. We stayed at campings or with friends who have a home in France. The good thing about travelling with the Camptailer; you have your car available at the camping. If you are travelling with a big motorhome you don't have an extra car, and it's no fun doing shopping in a busy town with your motorhome!

2005_0709ab.jpg (652862 bytes)



On the highway in France we drived most off the time 110 - 120 km/hour. And although we drived quite fast, the petrol consumption was still very reasonable 1:12. With carnavigation it is easy to find your way around. So travelling was very relaxed. Just driving and every now and then a pit stop for a small meal and a walk with the dog. At the parking places along the Highways we attract always a lot of attention with our Camptrailer!!

2005_0711ag.jpg (711149 bytes)


This is the house of Nico. He lives permanently in France. He has made the spare bedroom for us but why use the room if we brought our own bedroom? So we put the Camptrailer in the garden and have a lovely time with Nico and his neighbour.

Jan & Lucy have a holiday home in France in the Bourgogne. And of course we sleep in the Camptrailer. This time it was extra convenient, because they received unexpected an extra visitor.



3 t/m 5 september 2005, "roadwork's"

2005_0904au.jpg (703627 bytes)This weekend the road that leads to our house is closed because of roadwork's. We can reach our home by a big D-tour and over a bicycle road. Because we are expecting some traffic jam, we decide to go to a camping site nearby for the weekend. This is much easier for our guests to find and the weather is perfect. Why not make it something special this weekend?

Although we are only 15 minutes from home, we feel being abroad. Close to the camping site there is a shelter for monkeys and sometimes you can hear real jungle sounds. A weekend at a camping really differs from a weekend at home. At home you are always busy, working the garden, cleaning the house a small paint job whatever. But here at the camping, there are no such jobs. That leaves you time to read a book and relax.

We have a wonderful weekend and enjoy spending some time with Annemarie on Saterday and Sunday morning. Sunday we have a really nice evening with Jeroen.



23 24 25 september 2005; A weekend on Dutch Island Texel

2005_0925ah.jpg (591643 bytes)The campingseason is coming to an end. But thanks to the beautiful indian summer weather, we had a wonderful weekend. In the evenings the temperature does not drop too much because of a still warm sea.

Again we stayed at the mini camping "the Korenschoof". This is close to the Slufter, an large nature reserve. We did a lot of walking with our dog along the seacoasts. And of course, as frequent visitors, you meet again with many friends who live on Texel. Last but not least we frequented some good restaurants.

When we arrived home we made the Camptrailer ready for the winter, including a thorough cleaning. Back in the garage waiting for spring 2006....