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Our Camptrailer adventures in 2006

September 2006, dive-weekend in Zeeland

The weather is perfect and we go to Zeeland for a dive weekend. Prik an Edwin organized a weekend scuba diving with a group of friends. This is our first trip with the new Camptrailer Docktent (model 2006)

This model has a double roof. This roof has extra ventilation options. In the sun it works really like an air-conditioner. Putting this tent up, is no bigger effort than a regular tent. And thanks to it's design, it's an attraction on the camping site.

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The Grevelingenlake has beautiful underwater life, its almost like a tropical sea. A lot of people think that the Dutch waters are like a peasoup, but they are wrong. We have got very nuticious water and that benefits the underwater live. Al lot of fish come from all over te world to the Waddensea and the delta in Zeeland for breeding.

Juli 2006: " Tour de France "

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This year we traveled through France again.

We frequented:

Haute Marne

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It was quite a diverse trip and we saw a lot of France. From ancient villages, breathtaking nature and a lot of nice people!

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In front you see a trailer from the 19th century, which was used in 1958 in the movie VIVA MARIA. With Brigitte Bardot and Jeanne Monrau In the background our Camptrailer.nl

2006_0602aa.jpg (1253877 bytes) "Cabin" tent up-date

Holtkamper / Abel Tasman Innovations delivered at my home a new version of the Cabin tent. The original Cabin tent had some problems with condense. After two or three days (especially in rainy conditions) everything becomes humid.

The solution is a new tent made out of ventilating cotton. This material is also lighter and makes it even more easy to put up the Cabin tent .

And perhaps the best part: Al the former clients of Holtkamper / Abel Tasman Innovations who had the old version of the Cabin tent got the new one for FREE!!!

I'm looking forward for good weather and a few days off. And if I'm lucky, I'll get both.



4 - 8 May our first trip to Texel

2006_0506ak_small.jpg (24685 bytes) We bought ourselves a 'Docktent' for our Camptrailer and this is our first trip with this tent. Texel is an Island and we missed the boat so we arrived a bit late. Because of missing the boat we had to put the tent up after sunset. But even under this circumstances we managed it in a bit more than one hour. And the next morning in daylight...... it looked perfect.

2006_0507ab_small.jpg (15795 bytes)This tent is quite spacious because of its dome-shape. And for tall people (like the Dutch) there is enough height! The Dome-shape makes the tent also quite storm proof. Because of the good design, the front opening is not directly opposite the back opening of the camptrailer.

If you stay for one night, putting up this tent is probably too much trouble, but if you stay longer this is an ideal solution. Especially when the weather conditions are not perfect.





the camping season has not yet started but we are ready for it.....

....let the spring begin!

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