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Early 2005 at the Caravana – an exhibition in Zuidlaren (Netherlands) for caravans and camping holiday's – there was the introduction of a sweet small caravan: the Camptrailer. This finical ’draghut’ weights only 370 kilo and can be towed by practical every car.

The Camptrailer has no traditional door. Who likes to get in, pulls the level at the back which folds upwards open. The size of the bed is 1.95 x 1,40 meter. There is plenty of luggage space under the bed and at both sides of the bed there are some cisterns for storage. The rest of the space of the Camptrailer is used for a very compact kitchen with two hot plates, a sink, an electric water tap and there is also a 12V/220V fridge. The inside height is 1,30 meter and the inside lenght is 2,60 meter.

2010_0806AL.JPG (129129 bytes)   2006_0901ae.jpg (1227886 bytes)   

         Our Camptrailer with the Cabintent and Wildebeast Bogoto tarp......                             ........and here with the Docktent   

We bought this Camptrailer, among others, for our diving trips (weekends). This caravan is so compact that it easily fits in our garage and therefore is it always standby. We equiped this caravan with a 12V installation so that we are able to use our "mini hotel on wheels" also without a 220V cable. And with two bicycles on the pole, it's complete for us. The Cabin tent is perfect for short stays but if we want a bit more comfort we can always decide to use the Docktent. And for extra space with the Cabin tent we've got now the Bogoto tarp as an extension.

The third edition of the Dutch Camptrailer / Travel&Camp Club meeting .

This year we'll celebrate our third edition of our Club meeting at camping Puur in the Lage Vuursche (2 till 4 September 2011)

2009_0906AX.JPG (323830 bytes)  2010_0907AH_small.JPG (17286 bytes)

Surf also to our Camptrailer experiences from 2005, 2006, 2007 , 2008, 2009, 2010 en 2011. Click here to see the fun stuff

The Camptrailer gets a successor! The 'old' Camptrailer is no longer in production....

The Wind

wpe1.jpg (34191 bytes). Despite of the Camptrailer success in Europe is it time for a successor the Wind. "There is nothing like the Wind" (sorry in Dutch only)




Travel and Camp.

travelencamp.jpg (9771 bytes) Good news!!!: the 'old' Camptrailer is back in production again, but with a new name Travel and Camp. More information visit the website or Vacanza caravans en campers (sorry Dutch only).




The Fly

fly-caravan1.jpg (100036 bytes)From 2010 is the Camptrailer also availeble as the Fly. vouwagencentrum Noordbergum (sorry Dutch only, click on 'actueel')




De Gobanna

wpe4.jpg (9890 bytes) The Gobanna is a real teardrop caravan (visit the dutch website) Gobanna




De FunTear

wpe5.jpg (4047 bytes)The FunTear is een teardrop caravan in Dutch disign! Visit the de FunTear site for more information (sorry Dutch only)




In Australia available as:

A van.png (500111 bytes) A'van Weekender




Chevron RV Guppy.jpg (9815 bytes) Chevron RV Guppy





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