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Fun with the Camptrailer

2005_0731af.jpg (600129 bytes) 


Traveling with our Quad!!

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What if you want to bring your quad with you, on your Camptrailer holiday? You could put the quad on the roof rack of the car or......?  You use the quad to tow the camptailer. I'm not sure if you will arive at the destination but it makes a nice picture!!

Thanks to SMS Selling Motorschade service te Almere


 Even more exotic.....

                     ...the Camptailer behind an tricycle

2005_0902AD.JPG (646153 bytes)I asked my neighbors if they would be so kind to pose for the Camptailer with their tricycles. At first I dare not to take the nose wheel in but Bart said that's OK. I was so surprised that the tricycle could stand the weight of the Camptrailer..... But I was even more surprised when I saw him bicycling away with our Camptrailer!!!!

I'm pretty sure he won't make it till France but at least it's demonstrates that the camptrailer can indeed be towed with a small car.

    2005_0902AJ.JPG (642570 bytes) Click the picture for a small video fragment

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The Christmascard 2005

What do you do on a hot summer day......? That's right, it's the best time to make your Christmascard for 2005! It took us about half an hour to make a photo of us sitting in front of the Camptrailer with all the X-mas ornaments that we could find. But we were very pleased with the result and ask yourself, isn't the camptrailer photogenic?