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Rob Sol
Born 19 April 1960  (Aries)
I work as a staff nurse on the maternity ward of Zaans Medisch Centrum de Heel in Zaandam. I used to be an executive on a Neonatology ward. But I decided to work part-time and so I found a new job.  I'm glad with this job It's nice and I can use al my skills.  Visit the homepage of the hospital where I work Zaans Medisch Centrum
Scuba diving
Scuba diving: during a short stay on Gran Canaria we did a scuba diving excursion. I liked it so much that back home I follow a several diving courses. I'm now an experienced diver and dive the whole year around in Holland. The water is not as clear as in the tropics but you would be surprised how beautiful marine life is here. Look at my   my dive web-log for an impression (sorry only in Dutch)
The nature: I live in the perfect place, if you like the nature. In the summer when I go early to my work I see young foxes in the street. And if I'm lucky I sometimes see a kingfisher bird sitting on the swim stair. Our houseboat is situated in the middle of 1000 hectares of forest, some parts are seldom visited by people. I really like it to go hiking with the dog.
The water
Living on the water has its own charm. The reflection of the water on the ceiling. Or at night the reflection of the moon on the water!
Swimming: I prefer to swim in nature water around the boat.   In spring, I start as early as possible. When the water reaches a temperature of 14C, I'll start swimming. If the water is still below 14C I can use my wetsuit.  But on the first of January we always do the New Year's dive without a wetsuit!
Ice skating; if lucky and the waeterconditions ar right we can ice skate directly from our house. With a few Christmas light we create our own ice skate ring. I really would like to dive one under the ice while other people are ice skating
The garden
Gardening: around the boat where we live, we have a big garden. In the summer I work there daily. But that does not mean that there are no weeds in the garden. We live in the forest and nature doesn't stop at the garden gate. The first years that we lived here, I tried to keep the garden as clean as possible from the weeds, but finally  understood the message. It had no use!  As soon as I finished, on the other end, the weeds where already growing ten cm.  That's why I decided to try to control the weeds, instead of trying to keep the garden free of weeds. And now slowly there is a balance developing between the garden plants and the weeds.

The legend of the "solse gat"

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In the middle of the forest of the Veluwe there is a gigantic hole, with water at the bottom. It is situated between the villages Ermelo and Putten. People say that in the past there was a monastery at the same spot. This monastery was not a friendly one.... no.... it was an evil one! The monks where not behaving themselves at all. During the night they drank a lot of alcohol, danced, cursed, and did everything that monks should not do.  At one Christmas night during a big storm, the monastery disappeared in the ground, leaving a big hole behind.  Since that time this place is hunted from midnight till the next morning. At some nights people saw the ghosts of the monks wandering over the dark water in a blue mist. They heard the plaintive singing of the monks......

But the next morning when it's light again this place is so peaceful and serene, that it is difficult to imagine what has happened during the night before.