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Hello and welcome to my Home page.

My name is Jan Somers born on 22-02-1947 and I am living in Eindhoven the Netherlands. After having worked for Philips for over 39 years, I am in early retirement since 01-09-2002.

My hobby is collecting clocks (preferably black forest) but most of all watchstands. I am a member of the society "De Rikketik", collectors of mechanical clocks and watches.

What are watchstands?

These are objects in- on- or at which the pocketwatch could be placed if not worn, for instance at the office or in the living- or bedroom so it still could be used as a timepiece.

Watchstands are made since watches are made but in much smaller quantities.

I collect now for about 25 year watchstands and have at this moment 220 items in my collection all with an as best as possible fitting watch.

I would like through this for me complete new medium seek contact with other collectors and look forward to possible offers.

A must for every watchstand collector is the book of Klaus Molbert "TASCHENUHRSTANDER" (ISBN 3-927960-30-6).  This book contains many photographs in black and white and in color of as well museumpieces as watchstands to be found for a reasonable price.

To give you an impression of my collection I added a few pictures to this home page, click here to continue.

If you want to contact me please click on my name.