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last update: 28-06-2018

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    Vlaggen plaatjes

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it's a great reference to Bowmore releases.
Great work - well done."


Vlaggen plaatjes    

    Vlaggen plaatjes
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Bowmore 1989 28 Y.O.
(Feis Ile collection 2018)


Bowmore 15 Years Old
(Feis Ile collection 2018)


Bowmore Warehousemen's
Selection (2017)


Bowmore No.1 50ML


Bowmore 12 Years Old 50ML


Bowmore 15 Years Old 50ML


Bowmore 1973 43 Years Old


Bowmore 18 Years Old
(Vintner's Trilogy 2017)


Bowmore 26 Years Old
(Vintner's Trilogy 2017)


Bowmore 27 Years Old
(Vintner's Trilogy 2018)


Bowmore is the oldest distillery on the island of Islay and no visit to the island is complete without a stop there - it is the greenest distillery in Europe, and it is where you’ll see traditional whisky making in its full glory – from the rare sight of the malting of the barley, to the peat-fired kilns, to the famous warehouses which lie beside the shores of Loch Indaal. Whether you’re a guest at the Distillery Cottages, taking part in the range of tours, or simply browsing in the shop, you are guaranteed the warmest of welcomes at Bowmore and, of course, a taste of what is regarded as one of the world’s finest single malts.


Bowmore Distillery tour (5:00)

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The making of Scotch Whisky

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Many Bowmore Adds added

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I present many images of fine and rare BOWMORE distillery bottlings on
this website, many of them once were in my personal collection
(which was sold to Morrison Bowmore in September 2004).

Also presented are a more recent bottlings and various in BOW

And take a look at the complete series of Islay Legends on the BOW

If you have additional images or information to be added to this website, please contact me.
At this moment, My Bowmore Pages contains 450+ images of Bowmore Distillery bottlings!

My Collecting History


My Tin Box collection started in 1990 when I found 3 Glenfiddich "Clans series" tins. Not long after that I found out that these beautiful tins belong to a series of 8 different Clans. A new collection was "born" and it grew fast. At the end of 2005 I began to sell the largest part of my collection because in 2006 I moved into a smaller house. By then I owned 332 Tin Boxes of Single Malt Scotch Whisky and 37 Irish & Other Malt Tin Boxes.

Beside the Tin Boxes I collected miniature bottles (of Single Malt Scotch Whiskies only) for many years untill I started selling them in 1996 to build up a new collection of Bowmore full size bottles, miniatures, waterjugs etc. etc.. The complete miniatures-collection was sold by the end of 2001.

I collected Bowmore Distillery bottlings from 1997 untill the sale of my entire Bowmore collection to Morrison Bowmore Distillers in September 2004. At that moment I had 202 Distillery bottlings in my collection. Go to the "Bowmore" page for more information about Bowmore Distillery and the sale of my collection. The new Bowmore visitor centre is open to the public since november 2006 and houses a small part of my collection. The rest of the collection is kept safely at Bowmore's headquarters in Glasgow (I presume).

Untill the sale at the end of 2014 I kept a small collection complete:
Legend and Aged 12 Years Tin Boxes: 34 in total.

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