On My Bowmore Pages you can find lots of images, interesting information and tasting notes about new, old and rare BOWMORE distillery bottlings (450+), some of the special ones are:


Updated 17-11-2018




1955 Vintage Ceramic 1974 1970 Vintage 30 Years Old Sherriff's 7 Years Old
1955 Vintage 40 Years Old 1971 Vintage 34 Years Old Sherriff's "Ship" label
1957 Vintage 38 Years Old 1972 Vintage 27 Years Old Sherriff's 8/18 Years Old
1957 Vintage 54 Years Old 1972 Vintage 34 Years Old Mutter's (approx.1890)
1961 Vintage 50 Years Old 1973 Distillation (2001) Auld Alliance Celebration
1963 30th Anniversary 1973 Vintage 43 Years Old Celebration Luncheon 21y
1964 Black Bowmore 29 yo 1980 Distillation (2004) Mizunara Cask Finish
1964 Black Bowmore 30 yo 1980 Queen's Cask 21 yo Keizo Saji's Cask 21 yo
1964 Black Bowmore 31 yo 1980 Queen's Cask 30 yo 1992 CHAS Bottled 2002
1964 Vintage 35 Years Old 1981 Vintage 28 Years Old Beach Rugby Bottlings
1964 Fino Cask 37 yo 1982 Vintage 29 Years Old Fly Fishing Bottlings
1964 Bourbon Cask 38 yo 1983 Vintage 27 Years Old Horse Trials Bottlings
1964 Oloroso Cask 38 yo 1983 Vintage 29 Years Old Maltmen's Selection 13yo
1964 Black Bowmore 42 yo 1984 Vintage 16 Years Old Mashmen's Selection 14yo
1964 White Bowmore 43 yo 1984 Vintage 28 Years Old Stillmen's Selection 17yo
1964 Gold Bowmore 44 yo 1984 Vintage 30 Years Old Warehousemen's Sel. 17yo
1964 Vintage 46 Years Old 1985 Vintage 26 Years Old The Devil's Casks Batches
1964 Black Bowmore 50yo 1988 Vintage 21 Years Old Dorus Mor Small Batches
1965 Vintage 42 Years Old 1988 Vintage 29 Years Old Tempest Small Batches
1965 Vintage 52 Years Old 1989 Vintage 23 Years Old Hand-filled BYO Releases
1966 Vintage 50 Years Old 1989 Vintage 16 Years Old Vault Edition Releases
1967 Vintage 40 Years Old 1990 Vintage 16 Years Old Vintner's Edition (2017)
1968 Vintage 32 Years Old 1991 Vintage 16 Years Old 2014 Travel retail range
1968 Vintage 37 Years Old 1992 Vintage 16 Years Old 2017 Travel retail range
1969 Vintage 40 Years Old 1997 Vintage 20 Years Old 2018 Feis Ile Bottlings

Claret   Dawn   Dusk   Voyage   Dorus Mor   Devil's Cask   Laimrig   Tempest   Hand-Filled   Vault Ed.




   Latest additions to this page:

1965 Vintage 52 Years Old 2018 Feis Ile Bottlings 1973 Vintage 43 Years Old
1997 Vintage 20 Years Old 1988 Vintage 29 Years Old 1966 Vintage 50 Years Old

Thanks to Gino de Buck (Belgium) and Marco Galli (Switzerland) for providing usefull information and/or pictures for My Bowmore Pages.


Bowmore 30 Years OId
One of Three Bottles
specially selected to
commemorate the 30th
Anniversary of Scottish
Licensed Trade News


Bowmore 30 Years Old
Jim Clark's No.1 of 1
1963 Distillation Bottled 1993
30th Anniversary First
World Motor Racing



Important news about my collection!

Morrison Bowmore Distillers Glasgow and myself have come to an agreement for the purchase of my entire Bowmore collection by Morrison Bowmore Distillers. In September, 2004 all my Bowmore bottles, miniatures, waterjugs, giftsets, displays and many go-withs were transported to Glasgow - and arrived safely!

It is Morrison Bowmore Distillers' intention to display my collection along with theirs in the new visitor centre that is open for the public from Saturday November 18, 2006. The visitor centre is located in the village of Bowmore on the lovely Isle of Islay.

On October 5, 2004 Morrison Bowmore Distillers made an official announcement with a press release which has been published on their website that same day (see below). 


Morrison Bowmore - Press Release

Bowmore Collection Reaches Home

The world’s most comprehensive private collection of Bowmore Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky is to reach home, following its purchase by Morrison Bowmore Distillers. The makers of Scotland’s No 1 Islay malt have bought Hans Sommer’s remarkable collection of over 200 bottles – a collection which includes several of the world’s most valuable Bowmore collectors’ items, including three Black Bowmores, bottles that at auction can reach up to £1,500 each.

Morrison Bowmore intends to house the collection at the distillery visitor centre in Islay, as part of an exhibition on the history of the distillery, the oldest on the island.

The collection includes many rare Bowmore whiskies, together with the complete set of 11 Bowmore Legend special edition tins which celebrate the island’s ancient legends, and many Bowmore miniatures, water jugs and old and new gift items.

Glen Moore, Morrison Bowmore’s Marketing Director said “This collection is a hugely impressive showpiece. Not only does it demonstrate the unparalleled range of expressions produced by Bowmore and the way Bowmore has evolved through the years, the collection also creates a huge impact and that’s something we’re really looking forward to sharing with all those who come to see us at the distillery.”

Hans Sommer said “I am proud, that having dedicated such time, care and effort to building up this collection, that it will now be housed in its rightful place, at Bowmore Distillery. I look forward to seeing the collection there and to seeing all the visitors to the distillery getting the opportunity, as I have, to see how Bowmore has developed over its long history.”

5 October 2004

Morrison Bowmore Distillers Limited
Springburn Bond
Carlisle Street
Glasgow G21 1EQ
Telephone: 0141 558 9011





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