The Legend of St. Ives


Legend has it that in May 1813 during the Napoleonic Wars, a young French soldier - St. Ives - was captured by his British enemies.

Spared execution due to his knowledge of the English language, St. Ives was selected for special employment and imprisoned in Edinburgh Castle. During his imprisonment, St. Ives met and fell in love with a young visitor to the castle, Flora Gilchrist.

Following his escape from prison, he evaded recapture, ultimately making a daring escape from his captors by hot air balloon. The balloon was carried westward by the east winds, eventually crashing on Loch Indaal, upon whose shores stands Bowmore Distillery.

St. Ives was rescued from the icy waters by the True Blooded Yankee, a formidable American brig o' war, that was holding Bowmore under siege. Later released to safety, St. Ives was to be re-united with his beloved Flora.


Legend Tin Box - Released 1994 (No.1)


This is the No.1 Tin box in the Bowmore Legend series.


Legend Tin Box - Released 1994 (No.1)

750ml 40%alc./vol. (USA)


This is the No.1 Tin box in the Bowmore Legend series.


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