The Legend of the Laird and the Angel


Long ago a cruel, but god-fearing, Laird journeyed in search of a bride. On the shores of Loch Indaal he met a starving fisherman and his bride to be. The Laird instantly fell in love with the beautiful girl and offered to buy her hand in marriage. The fisherman knew that he could never give his bride wealth, like the Laird, so heartbroken he reluctantly gave his bride away.

Years passed but no love blossomed between them. Each day she saw her true love pass by on his way back from the Loch and each night she wept into her pillow and yearned to be with him.

The cruel Laird overheard her tears and made her an offer, “If you can steal my soul by the morn’ I shall turn to stone and you may go free. But if you fail you will stay and love me as you love him”. She agreed.

As night fell the girl thought long and hard of how to steal a man’s soul. Just then she saw the fisherman pass by and, in a flash of inspiration, called down to him: “My love, bring me your catch at midnight and we may be together forever” Puzzled, the fisherman agreed.

Midnight came and he brought his catch to her. All night the girl gutted the fish and sewed together the silvery scales into a beautiful dress. Just before dawn the Laird awoke as the day’s first rays of sun shone brightly onto the girl’s dress. Believing her to be an angel from heaven, the god-fearing Laird fell to his knees and pledged his soul to her. Upon revealing her true self, he turned to stone and free she ran off to be with her true love once more.


Legend Tin Box - Released 2000

(Limited Edition)


This Limited Edition Tin illustrates an artist's interpretation of the Legend of the Laird and the Angel.

From this design no Italian version has been produced.


  Updated 10-12-2018


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