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Sherriff's Bowmore


In 1963, the distillery was bought by the Stanley P. Morrison company. The stills had been silent for just a few years. In the 1960's and early 1970's several old casks were bottled under the name of the previous owners of the distillery: SHERRIFF'S.


Most of these bottlings became very rare and hard to find.
Here are a couple of interesting images:

                        Sherriff's  7 Years Old                        
                      Sherriff's  "Ship" label                      
                      Sherriff's  8/18 Year                      



    Bowmore Islay Pure Malt
Scotch Whisky, 2.0L., 40%.

This is not a Sherriff's but a
limited edition Morrison
Bowmore bottling with the
old "Ship"-label.

Distilled in 1974 and specially
bottled in 1984 for the German
Importer's 10th anniversary.

Only 120 individual numbered
bottles were released.





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