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My Bowmore Pages
Dedicated to Bowmore Single Islay Malt Scotch Whisky and Bowmore Distillery, Islay Scotland.
Contains pics of 500+ Bowmore Distillery bottlings. My "imaginary" digital Bowmore collection.

Bowmore Distillery manager David Turner about My Bowmore Pages:
"Excellent Hans, your website is amazing, it's a great reference to Bowmore releases. Great work - well done."

VISIT MY NEW WEBSITE NOW. Contains 650+ full-size Bowlingpins.

My Bowlingpins collection
A great collection of Bowlingpins made by AMF, QubicaAMF, Brunswick, Switch and more.
Contains 650+ full-size Bowlingpins. These are all real and on display in my home.

Bowlingpin permit number list
Official bowlingpins have their own permit number, given by ABC, ABC/WIBC or USBC.
Contains 250+ different permit numbers. 'Operation King Pin' started in 2015.

My Bowlingballs
This is not like a collection, but my personal arsenal of Storm and Motiv bowlingballs.
Contains pictures of 30+ of my bowlingballs. Some currently in use, some sold.

My Pool ball collection
A tribute collection of Number #14 pool balls only.
Contains 100+ 2.25" pool balls. A tribute to Johan Cruijff.


Websites Hans Sommer

Zeddam, The Netherlands

no part of these websites may be used without my prior permission.

600 bowling pins in my collection in November 2019!

My websites online. Questions?

Please contact me at:

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last update: 20-05-2020

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