The Origine of a Legend



Islay is a solitary outpost in the Atlantic - strike out West and the next landfall is America. And from the ocean come the legends of the island.

The origin of the island's name is shrouded in mystery, but stories tell of a giant Danish princess called Iula who laid stepping stones across the oceans until at last she reached Islay. Too exhausted to escape the soft sands of the beach, she was trapped and drowned, surrendering her life and her name to the island.

Since 1994 Bowmore released a nice range of Tin Boxes with various LEGENDS about the island's history.

I started to collect Tin Boxes approx. 20 years ago when I found the lovely Glenfiddich Clans-series. At the end of 2005 I had 332 different (empty) Tin Boxes from Single Malt Scotch Whisky Distilleries. And 37 from Irish Single Malt and Other Scotch Malt Whiskies. 369 in total. In November 2005 I sold my collection, but at the time kept all the beautiful "Legends" BOWMORE TINS. On these pages you'll find all these fantastic Tins and you can read the stories about the mysterious LEGENDS.




Untill the end of 2014 I had a small collection
of 34 Bowmore Tin Boxes:
13 x Bowmore Legend (Legend design) sold
4 x Bowmore Legend (new round design) sold
3 x Bowmore Legend (new square design) sold

8 x Bowmore Aged 8 Years (Italian design) sold
x Bowmore Aged 12 Years (old design) sold
3 x Bowmore Aged 12 Years (new design) sold
1 x Bowmore mini-tin ('Reach Home')

Click on the images to see the original Bowmore Tin Boxes

    Legend no.1 (1994)     Legend no.11 (2004)    
    The Legend of St. Ives     The Blacksmith and the Fairies    
    Legend no.2 (1995) + 8 y.o.     Legend no.12 (2005)    
    The Legend of the Gulls     The Legend of Godred Grovan    
    Legend no.3 (1996) + 8 y.o.     Legend no.13 (2006)    
    The Legend of the Devil     The Battle of Gruinard    
    Legend no.4 (1997) + 8 y.o.     Legend no.14-17 (2007-2010)    
    The Legend of Donnachie Mhor     (4 tins new round design)    
    Legend no.5 (1998) + 8 y.o.     Legend no.18-20 (2011-2013)    
    The Legend of the Phantom Horseman     (3 tins new square design)    
    Legend no.6 (1999) + 8 y.o.     Aged 12 Years (2001-2010)    
    The Legend of the Princess Giant     (2 tins old + 3 tins new design)    
    Legend no.7 (2000)     Wanted Tins    
    The Legend of the Laird and the Angel     (750ml USA tins)    
    Legend no.8 (2001) + 8 y.o.     Miniatures in Tins    
    The Legend of the Sea Maiden     (2 mini tins)    
    Legend no.9 (2002) + 8 y.o.          
    The Legend of the Hero's Return          
    Legend no.10 (2003) + 8 y.o.     Link naar de website van Bowmore    
    The Legend of the Sea Dragon          





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