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        1968 Vintage 32 Years Old               1984 Vintage 30 Years Old        
      1968 Vintage 37 Years Old             1985 Vintage 26 Years Old      
      1971 Vintage 34 Years Old             1988 Vintage 21 Years Old      
      1972 Vintage 27 Years Old             1988 Vintage 29 Years Old      
      1981 Vintage 28 Years Old             1989 Vintage 16 Years Old      
      1982 Vintage 29 Years Old             1989 Vintage 23 Years Old      
      1983 Vintage 27 Years Old             1990 Vintage 16 Years Old      
      1983 Vintage 29 Years Old             1991 Vintage 16 Years Old      
      1984 Vintage 16 Years Old             1992 Vintage 16 Years Old      
      1984 Vintage 28 Years Old                    


1968 Vintage - 32 Years Old - 45.5%


1968 Distillation
32 Years Old

MBD's 50th Anniversary bottling

1860 bottles released in 2000

Bottled by Morrison Bowmore Distillers Limited to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the original Stanley P. Morrison Company. Personally selected by Brian Morrison. A limited edition of 1860 bottles (700 ml and 750 ml). Aged 32 Years.

Tasting notes: It has a very aromatic and fruity nose, orange melon, tangerine, grapefruit and apple with hint of vanilla. On the palate, its fruity with hints of peat. Good balance between sweet and bitter fruits notes, slightly peppered. Beautiful finish with tangerine, passion fruit and grapefruit notes.


1968 Vintage - 37 Years Old - 43.4%

    1968 Distillation
37 Years Old
Bourbon Wood

708 bottles released in 2006

This 1968 was matured entirely in two bourbon casks kept in Bowmore’s seaside vaults. Bowmore is releasing the malt worldwide in a limited edition of just 708 bottles, each packaged in a serial-numbered, polished black wooden box.

Tasting notes: The whisky is at once powerful and ethereal. Complex candied fruit flavors mingle with tropical mango and grapefruit before giving way to traces of Islay’s signature peat and smoke.

Left: 750ml version, under: 700ml version.


1971 Vintage - 34 Years Old - 51.0%


1971 Distillation
34 Years Old

960 bottles released in 2005

Just 960 bottles of 1971 Bowmore have been released (700 ml and 750 ml). Matured in sherry casks for 34 years, this begins with quite muted Sherry notes on the nose, with fresh seaweed aromas emerging. Rockpools, and some woodsmoke. Black treacle, old leather upholstery and tobacco on the palate. Notably drying in the finish.


1972 Vintage - 27 Years Old - 53.3%

    1972 Distillation
27 Years Old

466 bottles released in 1999
Cask numbers 4864, 4865 and 4866

This Limited Edition Bowmore 1972 islay single malt scotch whisky, aged 27 years, is one of only 466 bottles produced from 3 casks and signed by the Distillery Manager, Islay Campbell. Bowmore distillery nurtured this spirit for 27 years, waiting until the day the whisky was at its prime. Having rested quietly in the No.1 vaults of Bowmore distillery, breathing in the fresh Atlantic sea air, this Bowmore islay single malt scotch whisky has developed a unique taste of saltiness.

    In the autumn of 1972, 16th October to be exact, where the leaves are copper and bronze in colour just like this unique bottle of Bowmore, the fresh newly distilled spirit was poored into three casks, numbered 4864, 4865 and 4866. These very special casks where then placed in the famous No1 Vaults at Bowmore Distillery to lay in rest for over a quarter of a century.

Twenty-seven years on, the Bowmore distillery manager, Islay Campbell, nosed these three casks to discover the spirit was perfect for bottling.

On nosing, green ferns, bracken and gorse bushes are apparent and, lingering behind this, the coastal aroma of broken seashells, warm sand and sea spray. The years have been good to this spirit and now it's full body, strong, rich and mellow and oily Islay character is very evident. The taste is smooth, warm and lingering, with lots of mature oaky flavours. The peaty, tarry essences are now trying to burst through but still held in check by soft fruits and vanilla. A fantastic west coast sea breeze refreshes the palate and lifes the sences.

This 27 year old retains the signature flavours that make Bowmore Scotch Whisky the most balanced of all the Islay malts. Harmonious, complex and truly quite stunning!


1981 Vintage - 28 Years Old - 49.6%


1981 Distillation
28 Years Old
Fine Oak Casks

402 bottles released in 2010

Bowmore 1981 is the first in the Bowmore vintage series. This rare and limited release of only 402 bottles is a collector's must-have. Each glistening bronze bottle is accompanied by an individually numbered certificate, personally signed by Eddie MacAffer, the Distillery Manager.



Tasting Notes: on the eye glistening bronze. Breathe in treacle toffee, ripe figs, smoked vanilla pods and a lightly fragrant fruitiness. Sip a whisper of earthy peat smoke, giving way to more fruit perfectly balanced with the tang of Atlantic sea salt. Savour the finish that goes on forever.


1982 Vintage - 29 Years Old - 47.3%

    1982 Distillation
29 Years Old
Fine Oak Casks

501 bottles released in 2011

Following on from the Bowmore 1981, the first vintage release in 2010, the 1982 whisky has matured in hand-selected fine oak casks below sea level in Scotland's oldest maturation warehouse.  During its long sleep, the Distillery Manager and his team have worked tirelessly to create the best balanced Islay Single Malt.



Tasting Notes: on the eye warm bronze. Breathe in barley sugar and gentle peat smoke coupled with delicious Peach melba ice cream and vanilla pods. Sip fresh lemon pepper followed by warm earthy smokiness. Savour the sweet fruity finish.


1983 Vintage - 27 Years Old - 55.6%


1983 Distillation
27 Years Old
Sherry Oak Cask

200 bottles released in 2011
Distilled 12.11.1983 - Bottled 16.03.2011

This rare Bowmore spirit matured for 27 long years in a single sherry hogshead cask cossetted deep within the legendary Bowmore warehouses - the No.1 Vaults.

Tasting notes: On the eye brilliant bronze. Breathe in fresh Atlantic sea-salt followed by our signature peat smoke with a hint of delicious ripe blackberry. Sip the essence of Bowmore - earthy peat balanced perfectly by a gentle fruitiness. Savour the delicious fresh fruit and peat notes at the very end.


1983 Vintage - 29 Years Old - 55.6%


1983 Distillation
29 Years Old
Sherry Oak Cask

107 bottles released in 2012
Duty free exclusive

The Bowmore 1983 will be available in the global travel retail market and marks the launch of the 1980s vintage series for this sector.Decanted from a single hogshead cask, this rare, limited edition has rested, undisturbed in the legendary No.1 Vaults, the maturation warehouse below sea level.

Tasting notes: colour: Brilliant bronze. Nose: Just a touch of fresh Atlantic sea-salt followed by Bowmore’s signature peat smoke with a hint of delicious ripe blackberry. Palate: Captures the essence of Bowmore – earthy peat balanced by a gentle fruitiness. Finish: Lingers on with fresh fruit and peat notes at the very end.


I would like to have a close-up image of the label. If you own this bottle please contact me.

Morrison Bowmore press-release
(Jan. 2012) Click to download.


1984 Vintage - 16 Years Old - 58.8%

    1984 Distillation
16 Years Old

2208 bottles released in 2001
specially bottled for Oddbins

This Bowmore 1984 is a limited edition bottling from six specially selected casks. Bottled at cask strength and rich auburn in colour, this is a malt of contrasts.


1984 Vintage - 28 Years Old - 48.7%


1984 Distillation
28 Years Old
Oak Bourbon Cask

504 bottles released in 2013
Duty free exclusive
Distilled 24.04.1984 - Bottled 20.03.2013

This rare Bowmore spirit has been maturing for 28 long years in a single bourbon cask cosseted deep within the legendary Bowmore warehouses - the No.1 Vaults.

Tasting notes: on the eye: bright gold. Breathe in ocean air tumbling with mild mint, lemon and fresh coriander while dark chocolate and ginger bring depth and spice. Sip lemon oil, honeysuckle and almond alongside tangy nectarine, coriander and sea-salt. Savour the elegant fruit complex carried along by a fresh ocean breeze.


1984 Vintage - 30 Years Old - 47.6%


1984 Distillation
30 Years Old
Oak Bourbon Cask

500 bottles released in 2014
Duty free only exclusive
Distilled 24.04.1984 - Bottled 30.04.2014

Matured for 30 long years in the finest oak Bourbon casks cosseted deep within the legendary Bowmore warehouses - the No.1 Vaults. Following the release of a 28 Year Old Vintage of the same batch in 2013, the sweeter, spicier 30 Year Old is a beautifully smooth whisky with a deep golden hue. Unlike it's predecessor that was aged in bourbon casks only, this refined 30 year old has been matured in a marriage of both sherry and bourbon casks to ensure a rich depth of flavour and colour.


Tasting notes: on the eye deep gold. Breathe in lemon verbena and mint dark chocolate, softened by golden syrup and balanced with sea salt and lime. Sip honey and lemon infused crème brûlée, laced with amaretto and ginger, spiced by ocean air. Savour the elegant fruits, star anise and dark chocolate ginger.

1984 Distillation
30 Years Old
Distilled 24.04.1984
Bottled 30.04.2014

This label variation has been available at the shop of Bowmore Distillery.


1985 Vintage - 26 Years Old - 52.3%


1985 Distillation
26 Years Old
Sherry & Bourbon Cask

750 bottles released in 2012

From thrashing waves and Atlantic gusts to the purest water and finest peat, the ancient elements have also helped in shaping this Single Malt. This unique spirit has been nurtured in hand-selected sherry and bourbon casks during its long maturation in the legendary Bowmore No.1 Vaults - our warehouses below sea-level.


Tasting Notes: on the eye deep chestnut. Breathe in the trademark Bowmore peat smoke with fragrant summer berries encased in dark chocolate and lashings of cream. Sip blood orange and grapefruit notes together with dark chocolate, salted honeycomb and hints of lemony-rose Turkish delight. Savour the complex finish with sweet cherries, dark chocolate and leathery-smoke. Non chill-filtered.

1988 Vintage - 21 Years Old - 51.5%


1988 Distillation
21 Years Old
Cask Matured

7200 bottles released in 2009

This version of Bowmore 21 year-old was distilled in 1988 and has been full-term matured in Port Wood casks, giving it a very alluring ruby glow.



1988 Vintage - 29 Years Old - 47.8%


1988 Vintage Edition
Bottled 2017
Cask Matured

Exclusive to the Global Traveller

A well-matured Bowmore single malt,
released originally for the Travel Retail market.
This expression began its life in 1988 and was
filled into first-fill bourbon casks, where it slumbered until 2017.
It still manages holds on to plenty of the classic Islay smokiness through the long maturation,
which is always a wonderful thing.

Images: thanks to Seán McDevitt


Tasting notes:

Nose: Diced almond, cherry bakewell,
toasted oak and sea breeze (as well as
a touch of burnt ends).

Palate: Hearty oak, buttered toast, seaweed,
caramel sauce, slightly floral at points.

Finish: Lingering hints of citrus blossom
petals and smoked meat.


1989 Vintage - 16 Years Old - 51.8%


1989 Distillation
16 Years Old
Non Chill Filtered

134 casks bottled in 2005

Filled at natural cask strength and the first house bottling of Bowmore not to be chill-filtered. On the nose, fresh, sea spray, smoked haddock and light peat. Zesty, fruity notes on the palate, developing charcoal and poached kippers. Medium to long finish.

Left: 700 ml version
Below left: 750 ml version (USA)


1989 Vintage - 23 Years Old - 50.8%


1989 Distillation
23 Years Old
Port Cask Matured

12000 bottles released in 2013

A whisky to warm the coldest Islay night, this limited edition Bowmore Single Malt has been matured exclusively in port casks for 23 years, giving it a deliciously dark colour and remarkably rich flavour.

Left: 700 ml version
Below: 750 ml version (USA)


    Tasting notes: on the eye deep mahogany with a rich ruby blush. Breathe in rich, smoky and very complex plum skins, black cherries and dark chocolate are interwoven with wood smoke and sea-salt, seductive sandalwood and walnuts thrown into a roaring fire. Sip a swathe of rich smoky velvet, which brings luscious layered autumn fruits, tingly winter spices, blood orange and sensual winter black truffles. Savour long and rich smoke infused blood orange, truffle and walnut oil.

1990 Vintage - 16 Years Old - 53.8%


1990 Distillation
16 Years Old
Sherry Matured

39 casks bottled in 2006

Tasting Notes: Bowmore is the oldest distillery on Islay, and this 16-year-old is big and briny on the nose, with more brine, less peat and less perfume than the ‘standard’ 12-year-old version. Dilution produces more profound notes of char and black treacle. Peat smoke is very evident on the palate, and a sherbet, fruity sweetness subsequently appears. The sweet notes are far more pronounced than in the 12-year-old. Water dries the dram out significantly, bringing Sherry and spices to the surface. The finish is lengthy and drying, with a sprinkling of pepper at cask strength, along with hints of sticking plasters and peat.

Above left: 700 ml version
Left: 750 ml version (USA)


1991 Vintage - 16 Years Old - 53.1%

    1991 Distillation
16 Years Old
Port Matured

24 casks bottled in 2007

Tasting Notes: colour - Ruby Red. Nose - Rich stewed fruit berries, sweet black cherries and hints of bitter dark chocolate underlined by a lighter Bowmore smokiness. Palate - Warm and Rounded, packed full of fruit flavours' of brambles and damson jam followed by a subtle earth peat smoke. Finish - Warm and satisfying.

This is the final release in a limited edition release of 3 Wood Matured expressions from Bowmore.

Above left: 700 ml version
Left: 750 ml version (USA)


1992 Vintage - 16 Years Old - 53.5%


1992 Distillation
16 Years Old
Wine Cask Matured

1800 bottles released in 2008

The Bowmore 1992 Wine Cask Matured 16 Year Old is a full-bodied scotch that has all the peat character present in the standard Bowmore Islay, but with far more maturity and finesse. Six years of aging in American bourbon barrels, followed by a generous 10 years in Bordeaux claret casks of Limousin oak, give this copper-hued spirit a nose of smoke and vanilla, along with cherry and toasted almond flavors, and a butterscotch finish.





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