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        1988 Vintage 29 Years Old               1997 Vintage 20 Years Old        
      1989 Vintage 29 Years Old             1997 Vintage 20 Years Old      
      1992 Vintage 26 Years Old             1997 Vintage 21 Years Old      

1988 Vintage - 29 Years Old - 47.8%


1988 Vintage Edition
Bottled 2017
Cask Matured

Exclusive to the Global Traveller

A well-matured Bowmore single malt,
released originally for the Travel Retail
market. This expression began its life in
1988 and was filled into first-fill bourbon
casks, where it slumbered until 2017.
It still manages holds on to plenty of the
classic Islay smokiness through the long maturation, which is always a wonderful

Images: thanks to Seán McDevitt


Tasting notes

Nose: Diced almond, cherry bakewell,
toasted oak and sea breeze (as well as
a touch of burnt ends).

Palate: Hearty oak, buttered toast, seaweed,
caramel sauce, slightly floral at points.

Finish: Lingering hints of citrus blossom
petals and smoked meat.


 1989 Vintage - Bottled 2018 - 43.6%


1989 Distillation
Twenty Nine Years Old
Distilled 1989 - Bottled 2018

173 bottles released in 2018

700ml Single Cask Release
Exclusively for The Whisky Shop only

Bowmore 1989 is a 29-Year-Old single malt which has been aged in Bourbon casks and bottled exclusively for The Whisky Shop. 1989 has a slight medicinal nose, with hints of sweet fudge, butterscotch and lavender.

More pics to add when available.



1992 Vintage - Bottled 2018 - 50.1%


1992 Distillation
Twenty Six Years Old
Vingt-Six Ans D'Âge
Distilled 1992 - Bottled 2018

535 bottles released in 2018

750ml Single Cask Release
Exclusively for Canada only

Bowmore 1992 26 Year Old Single Cask was matured in a first-fill puncheon. Meticulous maturation in Bowmore’s legendary No.1 Vaults right at sea level.
Rich spices, smouldering logs and roasted coffee, perfectly balanced with baked plums, vanilla and treacle.
This is a Canada only release of 535 bottles only.


Tasting notes

Breathe In: Some antiseptic notes contrast against sweet fudge, butterscotch and blueberry syrup alongside seaweed and lavender fragrance.

Sip: Floral with Parma violet candies and light spices, lilies and hyacinths complementing a light peaty and mineral character. Almond, marzipan and a touch of aniseed also contribute to the overall fragrant character of this Islay dram.

Savour: Floral with lavender, heather notes and a light mineral character.


1997 Vintage - Bottled 2017 - 54.4%


1997 Distillation
Twenty Years Old
Distilled 1997 - Bottled 2017

231 bottles released in 2017

Single Cask Release selected
Exclusively for CWS
(China Wines & Spirits)

Matured in a single sherry cask,
unlock layers of woodsmoke
and fruit blossom


1997 Vintage - Bottled 2018 - 51.2%


1997 Distillation
Twenty Years Old
Distilled 1997 - Bottled 2018

198 bottles released in 2018

Single Cask Release
Exclusive to Heathrow
and World of Whiskies

This whisky has spent 20 years
maturing in a single Sherry
cask and is said to have
aromas of malty biscuit,
dried flowers and a touch
of white pepper, alongside
toffee, roasted coffee
and vanilla sponge cake.

On the palate, the whisky is
described as having flavours
of sweet peat, burnt wood,
barbecue ash, lemon zest,
vanilla, dried wood and a
smoky finish, with herbal
and floral notes.

      The 20yo Bowmore 1997 is limited
to 198 bottles and will be available
exclusively in World Duty Free
World of Whiskies
stores, Heathrow
Terminals 2, 3, 4 and 5
from 7 December 2018.



1997 Vintage - Bottled 2019 - 51.7%


Distillery Manager's Selection

Vintage 1997
Distilled 1997 - Bottled 2019

3000 bottles released in 2019
Distillery exclusive bottling

This distillery exclusive limited release comes from 12 first-fill Oloroso Sherry Hogsheads, numbers 653-658 and 660-665, laid down on 6th February 1997 and hand selected by Distillery Manager David Turner.




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