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        1995 Vintage 25 Years Old               Chateau Lagrange  21 Y.O.        
      1995 Vintage 26 Years Old             Dragon Edit. 38 Years Old      
      1996 Vintage 24 Years Old                    
      1996 Vintage 25 Years Old                    

1995 Vintage - Bottled 2020 - 55.1%

    1995 Distillation
Twenty Five Years Old

Distilled 1995 - Bottled 2020

564 bottles released in 2021
First Fill Sherry cask
Cask number 2341

Singapore Edition
Exclusive for Singapore Changi Airport




This 1995 twenty-five year old single malt has been specially selected after a long maturation in a first-fill sherry cask, No.2341. Bowmore 1995 Single Cask Release Exclusive to Changi Airport.

Tasting notes

This rare Bowmore has sweet and nutty notes with grilled dates and Islay moss. The whisky on tasting reveals spices, crème caramel and crushed malt with a warm, spicy finish and lingering peat smoke.







1995 Vintage - Bottled 2022 - 44.6%


    1995 Distillation
Twenty Six Years Old

Distilled 1995 - Bottled 2022

485 bottles released in 2022
Cask number 1550

Exclusive Single Cask Release

Exclusively available at London Heathrow Airport for a very limited period of time.


    Bowmore 1995 Single Cask has been aged for 26 years in a first fill Oloroso Sherry cask to create a complex and mature single malt whisky from the Isle of Islay.
Tasting Notes

Nose: Dried fruits, creamy vanilla with orchard fruits, peach and apricot.

Body: Creamy vanilla notes from the American Oak cask.

Palate: Orchard fruits.

Finish: Sweet, peaty and still spicy, with white pepper mouthfeel.


1996 Vintage - Bottled 2021 - 55.1%


    1996 Distillation
Twenty Four Years Old

Distilled 1996 - Bottled 2021

551 bottles released in 2021
Cask number 2541

Single Cask Release selected
3rd exclusive bottling for CWS
Chief Whisky Society in China

Exclusively made available at Whisky L Shanghai (12-15 August, 2021) and through selected retailers in China.


Matured in a first-fill sherry cask, rich with notes of Seville oranges, dark chocolate, fruit and subtle peat smoke.



Distilled 1996 - Bottled 2022 - 50.2%


    The Distiller's Anthology 01
Aged 25 Years

Vintage 1996 - Bottled 2022

3516 bottles released in 2022
Oloroso Sherry casks

This is the first release in the Bowmore Distilleries The Distiller's Anthology annual series.


    David Turner, Bowmore's Distillery manager, about this fantastic dram:

"Deliciously ripe with a sweet spicy, rich fruit cake flavour that takes me back to my younger years."

This 25 year old Bowmore honours David Turner's legacy, the determined spirit that has shaped his passion and commitment to quality.

Tasting Notes

On the eye: Dark, rich mahogany.

Breathe in: Sweet, stewed prunes, with oaky, barbeque smoke and salted caramel.

Sip: Spicy, rich fruit cake with smooth, dark chocolate, cherries and maritime peat smoke.

Savour: Dark fruits and caramel toffee, with the distinctive Bowmore smokiness.




21 Years Old - Bottled 2021 - 48.4%

    Chateau Lagrange
Aged 21 Years

French Oak Barrique

n/a bottles released in 2021

The 21 year old Château Lagrange is an exceptional bottling which combines Islay’s original single malt whisky with the flavours of red wine-infused French oak to create a distinguished dram.


Like all Bowmore whiskies, Bowmore 21 year old Château Lagrange has been handcrafted using time-honoured techniques used by the distillery since 1779. The malt is still hand-turned, day and night, on the malting floor.

It is smoked over Bowmore’s peat fire, which is personally tended by the malt man for 18 hours. The distillery is home to the iconic maturation warehouse, the No.1 Vaults, which have held some of the world’s most coveted and collectible Scotch whiskies to date. 

It is aged for just over two decades and fully matured in French Oak barriques sourced from the renowned Château Lagrange, a Grand Cru Classé winery in Bordeaux. This expression is said to be perfectly balanced with undertones of dark chocolate, spice, manuka honey and light peat smoke. 



38 Years Old - Bottled 2021 - 50.7%



Dragon 3rd Edition 
Aged 38 Years
Distilled 1983 - Bottled 2021

888 bottles released in 2021
Exclusively made available at Whisky L Shanghai (12-15 August, 2021) and through selected retailers in China.





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