Thumbnail post creator for Panoramio
by Andre Speek

Here's how to create the code for a thumbnail post:
1. Fill up to 5 Photo ID's (*)
2. Fill the Descriptions (optional)
3. Select the desired view (optional)
4. Copy and paste the result to your post

Some of my images:

Photo ID
 Group Titles  No break on empty descriptions
(*) The number of thumbnails is limited to 5 on purpose, to prevent an overdose of thumbs in one single post. Please remember that it's quality that counts, not quantity. Also, you can always do another post or copy the results, clear to form and add another five.

Disclaimer: This little helper is provided as is. I am not associated with Panoramio or Google, just a user trying to help out other users making thumbnail posts in a quick and easy way. For contact information, check out my homepage.

The Panoramio forum can be found here.