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Do you have experience in teaching?


Before I started this Go school I already had quite a lot of experience in teaching/ giving reviews. I play(ed) lots of weaker players both "even" and with "handy" (several games a day). Most of those game I review (quickly) after the game.


This Go school is now running for a few years and I gained a lot of experience from the lessons with my students during that time.


I can also give excellent offline reviews. I have won the "Best professional game review contest" organized by A. Dinerchtein.


In September 2010 I was invited by A. Dinerchtein to join the Korean-Style League on KGS, both as participant in the A group and teacher for the lower groups.


I also help out weaker players at the local Go club where I play once a weak.


Recently I have also given real life Go training to groups of people.


When did you start playing Go?


I started playing Go in October 2005 after a friend of me invited me to his Go club. Since then I played huge amount of games on KGS (over 5000). Once a week I play at a local Go club. I also visit (international) tournaments every now and then.

Did you ever take lessons?

Yes, I did take lessons (though not a lot).
- I watch some KGS Plus lessons.
- I watch some of the free lessons that are given in various room on KGS.
- I also buy lessons at every now and then.
- Some stronger friends reviews my games if I want.

Why should I pay when you (and others) also give free lessons on KGS?


1: For these lessons I can prepare in advance.

2: These games will be private so we don’t get interruptions from other people.

3: You can choose what you would like the lesson to be about. (I will give suggestions)

4: I have a teaching account and can therefore use audio.

5: You can choose when you want a lesson. (I'm quite flexible with my time)

6: The people I aim to teach do not need an (expensive) high dan or pro to improve.

7: I’m not doing much free reviews anymore.



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