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Free lessons

Sometimes I give a free (audio) lesson on KGS. This is usually when several people ask me about the same topic. These lessons are free for everyone to watch. They will be announced in the "Lessons & Fundamental Principles Of Go" room at KGS. You can find it under Lessons.

If you are not sure about taking lessons from me you can e-mail me for an appointment to play a casual game and a quick review, to see if you like my style of teaching.

You can also ask me if I'm online at KGS. If you are lucky I review your game or play a game and do a quick review, provided that I have some free time.


Free digital Study material

I made several offline example lessons. They are generated from topics that I discuss in the lessons that I give. I put in a lot of comments and questions + answers. They are great study material.

Lesson 01:  This lessons teaches you how to use the basic 4-4 low approach joseki.

Lesson 02: This is a set of 7 .sgf files containing lessons and tsumego problems.

Lesson 03: This is the winning review I made for the "Best professional game review contest."

Lesson 04: This is a recording of a live review I did for a pro game on KGS.

Also make sure to have a look at the book I wrote: "The Next Move."

 These donations are to cover my Go related expenses.
   I use it to pay for my KGS Plus account and to have
   a teaching account so I can use sound during the lessons.


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